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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

While working with our drain cleaning company will help ensure that your home gets the plumbing maintenance it needs each year, there may come a time when you need drain cleaning in between.

Homeowners should be aware of these common signs that cleaning is required and give a plumber a call right away if any of the following are noticed:

  • Drains Are Slow – Don’t wait until things are backed up completely to call a plumber. At the first sign of a slow drain, request drain cleaning services!
  • Foul Odors – Any sewage, egg, or just plain awful odors coming from your drain, or the room your drain is in, should be treated as a sign your drain needs to be cleaned.
  • Gurgling Sounds – If you hear gurgling noises from your sink or toilet, the air is trapped somewhere, usually caused by a vent clog. This can be fixed with a simple cleaning!
  • Multiple Slow Drains – While one slow drain is bad, multiple ineffective drains could signify a bigger problem. Getting drain cleaning is a good first step in locating the cause and finding a fix.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seguin, we utilize reliable solutions from HydroScrub® Jetting to traditional snaking to ensure clogs are blasted away, backed-up drains are relived, and your drain walls are cleared of trapped debris and residue, both of which could lead to more drain problem in the future. You can turn to our Seguin plumbers for any residential drain cleaning needs!

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Homemade Drain Cleaners Should Be Skipped

While you may swear by your household remedies for stubborn drains like vinegar, baking soda, and hot water, these solutions might not be as effective at treating the root problem as they are at clearing the drain.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Cause More Harm Than Good

On the other hand, using store-bought drain cleaner chemicals can cause more problems for your pipes. The heat used in the chemical reaction can speed up corrosion, weakening the pipe's lining and making it more susceptible to leaks.

Plus, if the solution doesn't work, it'll just sit at the bottom of the fixture, waiting to be splashed back up by either yourself or a plumber while trying to fix the clog, which can lead to harsh chemical burns on the skin.

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Is Hydro Jetting Better Than Snaking?

When it comes to drain cleaning, hydro-getting is not necessarily better than snaking and vice versa. Both drain cleaning methods are effective at cleaning your drains. Hydro-Jetting versus snaking is more a matter of how severe the clog is and which method is better for your situation. Each has its pros and cons - continue scrolling to learn more.

Snaking (Drain Snaking)

Drain snaking is a common plumbing technique used to clear clogs in your drains and sewer pipe. It involves inserting a flexible metal cable, called a snake or auger, into your drain and rotating it to break up or remove the blockage. 

Snaking is effective for removing basic clogs and blockages caused by items like hair or small debris. It's a cost-effective solution that quickly clears the obstruction. While snaking can clear the drain, it’s not as effective as removing all of the buildup, so the clog could come back.

Hydro-Scrub Jetting

Hydro-jetting is a more powerful drain cleaning method. Our hydro-jetting services are known as HydroScrub-Jetting. It’s the same service, but we use our own equipment. With HydroScrub®-jetting, we utilize high-pressure water to thoroughly clean your sewer pipes. It’s great at removing stubborn grease, scale, and sediment buildup.

HydroScrub®-jetting is ideal for more severe blockages in your sewer line or if your drain pipes need a deep clean.  HydroScrub®-jetting is very effective but can damage some older sewer lines and drain pipes. No need to worry. Before we recommend this service, we’ll thoroughly inspect your drain lines to ensure they can withstand the pressure.

With Us, You’re in Control

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seguin, we’ll assess your drains and the state of your clog. We’ll review our findings with you and go over drain cleaning pricing options. 

If we can clean your drains with a drain snake, great! If we need to get out the “big guns” and use the HydroScrub-Jet, we can do that, too. Either way, when we’re done, we'll ensure your drains are flowing steadily again.

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Choose Mr. Rooter for Detailed Drain Cleaning Near Me

Any signs of drain problems should be taken seriously and remediated right away. If you like speedy drains, don't skip drain cleaning! Having it done professionally at least once a year, or more if your home needs it, can make a world of difference in your system's overall reliability and performance.

If you notice something wrong with your sewer or drain or need to get started on a better plumbing maintenance plan for your home, call our plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seguin immediately! Waiting will only allow the problem to grow, leading to possible water damage in your home, health risks for you and your family, and further issues for your plumbing system.

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