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Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

With the beginning of spring in full swing, it’s time to start doing things around your home to get everything ready for the warmer temperature. There are plenty of options you may want to consider when doing your spring plumbing maintenance, all of which can help you get everything up and running correctly and ready for the months ahead. Before you start just using your water as you see fit, read some of the tips we have for spring plumbing maintenance.

Checking for Buildup or Clogs

Find some of the hardly used drains around your home or outside and pour in a gallon of hot water. This is important because the hot water can help remove any potential buildup that is sitting in the drains. Another potential benefit you may experience is it can help you identify clogs in the drain because the water will back up through the pipes.

Ensure Plumbing Appliances Have Ventilation

Go around your home and check the plumbing appliances to ensure that they have proper ventilation. The vents and exhausts can become clogged with dirt or dust or other intrusions which can impact the performance of the appliance. It can also be harmful, causing some issues inside of the home, including the release of harmful fumes.

Check the Water Meter for Leaks

You can check to see if your home has any plumbing leaks using the water meter. The easiest way to do this is to go out to the meter and record what it shows. Go back in and don’t use any sort of water for two hours. After this time, go outside and check the meter again. If it has moved in any way, it means the water is running somewhere in the home.

Mr. Rooter of Southeast Wisconsin can help homeowners ensure their plumbing is working properly. If you are experiencing any potential problems with your plumbing, our team can come out, assess the issue, and determine the proper repairs for you so you can get everything up and running again. We are dedicated to ensuring Southeast Wisconsin residents don’t have to worry about their plumbing.

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