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Milwaukee Drain Cleaning Services

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Water pouring into clogged tub in need of drain cleaning in MilwaukeeIn Milwaukee, inclement weather is an expectation. Rain and snowfall seasonally over the area each year, washing all sorts of things off roofs, down trees, and around yards. If the temperature drops to freezing, metal pipes can shrink and expand with the temperature fluctuation. It all adds up to a region where reliable drain cleaning is an absolute must.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southeast WI is happy to be the name that locals trust for all of their drain cleaning service requirements. We have extensive training and industry experience, allowing us to rapidly diagnose a drain issue and get right to work on fixing it. From outdoor drains clogged with dirt and leaves to indoor drains clogged with non-flushable waste, there is no such thing as a drain that we cannot clean and clear.

What you should know about our drain cleaning services:

  • We will never charge you for after-hour services. Our drain cleaning services in Milwaukee are priced fairly and competitively, which means we do not try to wring extra out of our customers with unfair after-hour charges. After all, you never know when a bad drain clog will start causing big trouble around your property. Why should you have to wait until the next business day to get it cleaned?
  • Starting your drain cleaning service with a thorough video inspection is good practice. By navigating a snake camera down into the affected drain, we can quickly spot any and all clogs and blockages. This step lets us guarantee a job well done, each and every time.
  • Thanks to our advanced industry experience, we can also conduct affordable drain repairs when necessary. If your drain cleaning technician uncovers a badly damaged portion of your drain, they can discuss planning a repair then and there.
  • When a clog is particularly strong or dense, we break out our HydroScrub® technology. This unique jetting system has been designed to eliminate tough clogs with ease by harnessing the strength of high-pressure water. In a matter of minutes, your home could be back to normal again with no more clogged drains.

What Types of Drains Do We Clean?

Customers who call us at (262) 320-4822 often want to know what types of drains we can clean and clear. The answer? All of them! If there is a drain anywhere in your home or on your property, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southeast WI is equipped to bring it back to like-new with our services.

To name a few types of drains we often clean:

  • Kitchen: A kitchen drain is normally clogged by someone inadvertently putting the wrong thing down the garbage disposal, like paper waste, eggshells, or cooking grease.
  • Bathroom: Typically, bathtub and shower drains get clogged by hair. Toilet drains can get blocked by menstrual hygiene products or large amounts of toilet paper.
  • Garage: If you make crafts or use a workbench in your garage, the drains there could get clogged by woodchips, sawdust, etc.
  • Basement: A clogged drain in your basement could spell disaster during the next rainstorm or snowfall. We get to work in a hurry to clear it up.
  • Sewer: Your family’s health could be in jeopardy if a sewer line clogs. The resulting backflow might contaminate your home’s potable water sources. You should schedule service immediately once you notice a sewer clog.
  • Outdoor: Any drains located in your yard or along the driveway are susceptible to clogging with natural debris, like leaves, twigs, and mud.

How to Spot a Clogged Drain

Not every clog starts off with a disaster, like a flooded room. Sometimes drains slowly clog as time goes by, so it is hard to notice the issue until it has caused bigger problems. If you can spot a forming drain early on, though, you might be able to prevent worse issues by getting our Milwaukee drain cleaning technicians on-the-job right away.

Three telltale signs that a drain is clogged include:

  • Hearing a weird bubbling sound when water runs down a sink basin.
  • Noticing pooling water around a drain, even when the water is completely clear of debris.
  • Smelling a foul odor around the drain or in the same room.

Have a clogged drain problem? Call (262) 320-4822 to get it handled fast!