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Signs You May Have a Sewer Problem

Once damages occur to sewer pipes, they need to be addressed and repaired by licensed plumbers. Cracked and damaged sewer pipes are not only unhealthy for your plumbing system, but unhealthy for homeowners and others who live nearby.

Some of the common problems associated with sewer pipes include:

  • Corrosion: Most sewer pipes that are made from clay are subject to rust and corrosion after some time due to the chemical substances that pass through them.
  • Cracks: Cracks are very common in plastic pipes especially if the liquids passing through them are not within the recommended temperatures. Cracks in other pipes apart from the ones made from plastic can occur due to the pressure inserted within and outside like an occurrence of an earthquake.

Some signs that may give you a hint you are having sewer pipe issues include:

  • lack of water in the toilet
  • sewer odor around your property
  • presence of mold
  • foundation cracks
  • slow drainage and/or backup in areas like sinks or bathtubs.

If you see any signs that you might suspect to be a leaking sewer pipe, you should contact our skilled plumbers. Getting to the root cause of a broken sewer pipe is better to do sooner rather than later. 

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