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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Energy

When the birds are chirping and the spring sun is shining, the last thing anyone wants to do it spend all day cleaning their bathroom. Save yourself time, energy, and maybe even money by taking advantage of our favorite bathroom cleaning hacks.

In the Shower

  • Tie a small bag filled with vinegar to your shower head and leave it for about an hour. This will effortlessly cut through grime and save you time that would normally be spent scrubbing.
  • Prevent future clogs by placing a drain hair catcher in your bathtub.
  • Naturally clean glass shower doors by mixing a splash of rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, warm water, and a tablespoon of cornstarch into a spray bottle.
  • Eradicate mold by spraying a mix of hydrogen peroxide and warm water on your shower walls. After a few minutes, spray them down again with warm water.

The Toilet

  • Even if liquid cleaner reaches under the bowl, it’s still important to scrub under the rim of your toilet before flushing.
  • Every few cleanings, take the toilet cover off and clean it and the area it sits on.
  • If your toilet is covered with yellow or brown stains, no matter how hard you clean and scrub, drop one or two denture cleaning tablets in the bowl and leave them to sit overnight.
  • Always remember: Cleaning your toilet with a dirty brush is counterproductive. Just like you clean your toilet every week, it’s important to clean your brush regularly. To do this, leave your brush in a bucket of warm water and bleach for at least an hour.


  • Leave your fixtures sparkling clean by first disinfecting them and then buffing them with baby oil.
  • Get rid of odors ingrained in countertops by rubbing half of a lemon on them.


  • Throw bath mats in the washing machine (alone) the minute you start cleaning your bathroom. By the time you’re done cleaning, they’ll also be done.
  • After removing your mat, the first thing you should do is clean the ceiling fan. Debris and dust are bound to fall from it, meaning you’ll have to go back and scrub things you’ve already cleaned if you do this chore last.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (a natural bleach substitute) to clean grout between tiles.

A major aspect of your bathroom's cleanliness is what’s beneath the counters and behind the walls — your plumbing! Keep your home clean and safe by scheduling routine plumbing maintenance with Mr. Rooter of Southeast Wisconsin.

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