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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sewer Line

It’s the one piece of your home you wish you could forget all about — your main sewer line. While it may be nice to pretend like it’s not there, doing the job no one wants to talk about, doing so could cost you time, money, and peace of mind.

Every once in a while, show your sewer line some TLC by never throwing these few things down your toilet and by paying attention to what your sewer line is telling you, like it needs to be replaced soon.

Signs Your Main Sewer Line Needs to Be Replaced

1. All of your drains drain slowly.

If just one sink or tub is draining slowly, it’s likely you have an isolated clog. But if they’re all not draining? That’s a sign of a bigger problem — one that’s probably taking place in your sewer line.

2. Smelly water pooling in your yard.

Homeownership 101: If there’s a smell in your home or yard, something is wrong. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of it, foul-smelling water on your lawn may actually be sewage that’s escaped your sewer line. If that’s the case, it likely means your line is severely cracked.

3. A persistent rodent problem.

Every house has experienced a stray mouse here and there, but if your rodent problem persists long after you’ve called a pest control company, it could mean your sewer line has cracked and is leaking behind walls.

4. An indentation in your lawn or driveway.

As water and sewage escape from a sewer line, it can begin to pool underneath your home. When that happens, you’ll notice a shift in your home's foundation. Most commonly, a person’s lawn or driveway will begin to indent or dip right above where your sewer line runes.

Addressing Sewer Line Problems

Any plumbing problem in your home should be taken seriously, but perhaps no problem is more serious than a sewer line problem. If you suspect your sewer line is experiencing a backup, it’s important to get professional help right away.

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