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Are You Making These Rookie Plumbing Mistakes?

Unless you’re a plumber, there’s a good chance you don’t understand every aspect of your home’s plumbing. And we’re here to tell you, that’s okay! Knowing just the basics of what you should and shouldn’t do to your plumbing system will help keep things running smoothly for years to come. Are you making any of the below mistakes?

Not having basic plumbing tools handy.

Every home should have a toolkit that’s stocked with the essentials. Even if these tools can’t help you completely fix the problem, it’s likely they’ll solve a problem in the short-term or until you can call a professional plumber. Every household should have a(n):

  • Rubber tip plunger
  • Pipe wrench
  • Claw hammer
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Pair of slip joint pliers
  • Tape measure

Flushing things you shouldn’t be.

Cotton balls, dental floss, bandages, medications, and yes, even flushable wipes should never be thrown in the toilet. Not only will items like these damage your plumbing, but they can also have damning effects on the environment.

Not protecting your plumbing from the cold.

Summer may be just a few weeks away, but Old Man Winter will return before you know it. When he does, it’s important to be proactive and protect your pipes from freezing.

Treating your garbage disposal like a garbage.

It may have “garbage” in its name, but your garbage disposal is anything but a trash can. Things like coffee grounds, pasta, chicken and fish bones, and oatmeal (among many other things) should never find their way into your garbage disposal.

Dismissing eco-friendly appliances.

Many homeowners don’t even consider eco-friendly appliances when looking to update their kitchen or bathroom because they think “eco-friendly” is synonymous with “expensive.” While eco-friendly and green technologies are sometimes more expensive upfront, the money and water they save make them a viable investment in the long run.

Waiting until there’s an emergency to call a plumber.

The worst thing a homeowner can do is only pay attention to their plumbing once there’s an emergency. Like so many other appliances in your home, your pipes need routine TLC, too!

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