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Do Low-Flow Shower Heads Affect Your Water Pressure?

Did you know that you can reduce water consumption in your home by investing in a low-flow shower head? Every minute, a typical shower nozzle releases between three and eight gallons of water — much of which is wasted. However, a low-flow shower head can release about 1.5 gallons per minute.

One of the most common myths about low-flow shower heads is that they don’t provide enough water. While this could be true for the old varieties designed in the past century, modern ones provide the same amount of water as traditional models.

The Two Types Of Shower Nozzles

Low-flow nozzles fall into two main categories: aerating and non-aerating. Both designs ensure the user enjoys water pressure that matches their needs. As the name suggests, the aerating ones release water mixed with air. These shower nozzles maintain constant pressure, but the temperature may drop by as much as 15 degrees due to the effect of air. The non-aerating alternatives maintain pressure with pulses and are excellent for individuals who like taking hot showers.

You Should Test Before You Buy

Modern-day shower heads come with multiple settings, meaning it’s essential to find out if yours is low-flow or not before you buy. You can do this by placing an empty bucket beneath your shower and turning on the faucet to see how long it takes to fill the bucket (we suggest using a one-gallon bucket). A low-flow shower head should take more than 24 seconds to fill the bucket. If your new low-flow head doesn’t have the right water pressure, changing the settings is probably all you need for a perfect flow.

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