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Fall Plumbing Prep

As the autumn months descend over the Pennsylvania region, home and business owners brace not only for a change in season & temperature, but how homes and businesses change operations as well. For many, seasonality changes can mean slower foot traffic in a business setting, but a higher volume of visitors at home as the holidays approach. In both cases, plumbing is a huge facet of owning any type of building, and preparation for chillier months is a key component of your job as an owner!


Garden Hoses - It’s important to make sure that you’re keeping a watchful eye on average temperatures, both in the morning, and overnight while sleeping! Your garden hose is connected directly to a waterline that, unless used, can hold standing water — leaving it prone to freezing. Make sure you shut that supply of water off as soon as you’re finished for the season.


Gutters - Falling leaves might seem like a delight when they’re hanging off of a tree branch, it’s often the latter when they’re clogging your gutters and causing a drainage issue. Combat this by regularly inspecting your gutters for any sign of slow drainage.


Water Heater - Everyone loves a good hot shower — and your water heater is happy to provide that to you! However this appliance often works harder as temperatures drop, so make sure you’re upping the temperature a few degrees and keeping a close eye on its performance as the season grows long.


Insulation - Instead of leaving any exposed pipes out to get cold, freeze or crack, insulate them with a kit available at your local hardware store. This can be any piping you’re aware of in a cold area, and outdoor faucets and spouts that are subject to the elements.


Should you have any other issues with your plumbing, make sure you’re calling someone local who can assist when you need them most! For any type of plumbing needs in central Pennsylvania, check out Mr. Rooter of Central PA! We have decades of experience servicing homes and businesses in the PA region.