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When You Should Consider Calling a Plumber

If you're lucky, you'll have some minor plumbing issues that you can fix quickly yourself. Unfortunately, there are times when it is best to call in the professionals. Below are some reasons you should consider calling your local plumbing company for help.


1. No Water


Nothing can be worse than realizing you have no water coming from your faucets. When this is the case, a plumber is needed to ensure you don't have a major leak going undetected. Major leaks, frozen pipes, water main issues and backups can lead to a loss of water. If not fixed promptly, damage to your home and foundation could result.


2. No Hot Water


It can be normal for your hot water to run out for a little bit after using it all up. However, if your water fails to heat up again, it could mean a problem with your hot water tank. A plumber will be able to tell if it is an easy fix such as the pilot light going out, or it may be a more serious issue causing the lack of hot water.


3. Drains Not Draining


When it comes to plumbing, clogs are a common issue all homeowners have to deal with. While many clogs can be done using DIY techniques, others need the help of a professional with the right experience and tools. Repeat drain issues should also be looked at by a plumbing company to ensure no major issues are lurking deep in your plumbing system.


4. Overflowing Toilets


Nothing is worse than flushing your toilet and watching it quickly overflow. This is a part of life, especially when kids are involved. In many cases, the problem can easily be addressed. In other cases, there may be a more serious culprit causing the overflow.


5. Sewage Smells


Some clogs and backups will create an awful sewage smell that can permeate throughout your entire home. It can make living in your space difficult. Never try to live with the smell. It is often a sign your plumbing system has major issues needing to be fixed. There are many causes of sewage smells in your home included drainpipes not properly ventilated, deep toilet clogs and a backup in your sewage system due to damage from heavy rainfall.

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