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Adding Humidity to Your Home

When it comes to the weather, humidity is usually the bad guy. With its ruining hair and making the air seem thick, most people aren’t a fan of humidity. But what if we told you humidity was actually a good thing?

Too much humidity isn’t good, but the right amount is perfect for keeping your skin moisturized and your lungs healthy. Summer may be on its way, it’s still dry up north. Keep your home comfortable by naturally adding humidity to the air.

Use a Humidifier

Possibly the most obvious way to add humidity to your room is through a humidifier. Though they use a decent amount of electricity, they’re the most efficient way to combat dry air.

Hang Your Clothes Inside to Dry

Not only is this method free, but it could actually save you money because you won’t have to run the dryer as often. Hang wet clothes in the dryest room of your house and you’ll instantly notice a rise in humidity levels.

Add Houseplants to Your Decor

Beauty and functionality are rare to find in home decor, so when you do, take advantage of it! Not only do plants add a natural pop of color to your room, but their leaves also release water into the air throughout the day.

Leave the Door Open When You Shower

If you don’t do this already, it’s time to start. Bathrooms are one of the most humid rooms in a house regardless of the season. Lower the humidity in your bathroom, and raise it everywhere else by keeping the door open when you run the shower.

Place Dishes of Water Around Your House

Another free way to raise humidity levels? Small bowls of water throughout your house act as a DIY humidifier. Though water won’t evaporate as quickly, it’s still an inexpensive and efficient way to add humidity to a room.

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