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Signs Your Plumbing Is Not Working Properly

Everyone expects their investment to work properly, at all times -- because paying for something means it should work, right? In all cases, the answer is yes -- however unfortunately for some, an investment can also cost you a bit more money when something goes wrong. With plumbing, there are a number of telling signs that something isn’t right, and that someone should be taking a look.


If there’s anything that points to a problem with your plumbing, it’s the presence of water in any area near a pipe when the valve is set to ‘off’. The job of your pipes is to keep water inside, and bring it to the eventual spout. If water is somehow getting out, there’s an issue somewhere on the pipe, around it, or with the appliance that is using the water. Have this checked out ASAP!

Higher Bills

As the owner of a home, you know that there are certain numbers that are around the same every month -- and usually, your water bill is one of those things. If you begin to notice a bill that is much higher than normal, there might be an indication inside that piece of paper that you’re using more water than you’re used to -- even if you’re not personally using the water. Make sure that there are no issues with the plumbing fixtures as you monitor bills for a month or so moving forward

Low Water Pressure

Lower water pressure means a few things -- and it can certainly point to an issue where your water isn’t pumping because it’s being taken elsewhere due to a crack, leak, or another issue. If this is something you’ve noticed happening on a consistent basis, it might be time to take a look at your plumbing or talk to someone who can.


Of course, if the problem persists or you’re just not ready to tackle the issue on your own, you can certainly give our team a call to have all of the issues handled as soon as possible! Mr. Rooter has been assisting homeowners with their plumbing issues for decades, and our expertise is unmatched! To learn more, give us a call today or fill out our form!