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Flushing These Items Could Wreak Havoc on Your Plumbing

Especially if your toilet is a relatively new or high tech model, you may be convinced that it can handle just about anything that’s flushed. While it may not seem like flushing the occasional stray item won’t have an effect on your plumbing, that’s not always the case.

8 Things You Should Never Flush

  1. Paper Towels. Because they both contain the word “paper,” people often think they can use paper towels in place of toilet paper. But what people don’t realize is that paper towels are far thicker than toilet paper and can easily cause a clog.
  2. Flushable Wipes. Even though they say “flushable,” flushable wipes act the same way as paper towels when they come in contact with water.
  3. Cotton Ball and Cotton Swabs. Cotton balls and swabs expand when they hit the water, so just a few can clog your pipes.
  4. Floss. While it might seem like floss is thin enough to glide through your pipes, it can actually contribute to a clog by catching on to anything that flows past it.
  5. Contact Lenses. With 125 million contact wearers in the country, contact lenses often find their way into the toilet. What people forget is that contact lenses are made from plastic that can harm the environment.
  6. Medication. Medication should never be flushed down the toilet because it can contaminate nearby water supplies.
  7. Chemical Cleaners. When it comes time to dislodge a clog, there are a lot more eco-friendly ways to clear a clog than chemical cleaners. Chemicals have been known to strip the lining of your pipes and contaminate the water.
  8. Hair. Just like floss, strands of hair can cling together and create a massive blockage.

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