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Why Does It Sound Like Water Is Running in My Toilet?

Have you ever flushed your toilet, only to walk by the bathroom 15 minutes later and hear it still running? While it may be tempting to ignore this seemingly minor issue, a running toilet is often a sign of bigger problems.

Why is My Toilet Running?

If you hear your toilet running well after you’ve flush it, the culprit is likely:

  • A worn down flapper. When you flush your toilet, a flapper opens and pushes water from the tank into the bowl. After thousands of flushes, this piece can become worn down, allowing water to leak from the tank to the bowl even if no one has flushed.
  • A tight flapper chain. Your flapper is connected to the handle via a chain. If the chain is too short or tight, the flapper can’t become completely sealed and water will pass through.
  • The water level in the tank is too high. After each flush, a fill tube refills the tank that sits behind the bowl. As the water level begins to rise, a float lifts and eventually shuts off the water. But if your float is made to shut off the water at a very high level, water will constantly drain into the overflow tube.

While the sound of running water is certainly not something homeowners want to listen to all night, this problem can cause a lot more than just an annoying noise. Running toilets increase your risk of having a flood and blockage.

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