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Winter Plumbing Issues: 3 Things You Need To Look Out For

The wintertime can be a great season full of festivities, holidays and family gatherings. Unfortunately, the drop in temperature can increase the use of hot water and kitchen use. This can lead to unforeseen and costly plumbing issues that can be difficult to resolve. Below are three plumbing issues you should keep a lookout for during the winter months.


1. Clogged Kitchen Drains


During the holiday season, you may find yourself having family gatherings and extra guests over more than any other time of the year. Even though it is best to pay attention all year, during the holidays it is more crucial to pay attention to how food particles can accumulate easily in your pipes. If you don't have a garbage disposal, it is best to throw any food particles in the trash before washing your dishes.


Even with the use of garbage disposals, grease can stick to your pipes and lead to clogging. To prevent this, use a drain screen to catch any extra particles before they go down the drain.


2. Frozen Pipes


One of the most common plumbing issues to keep an eye out for during the winter months is frozen pipes. When the freezing temperatures mix with high water pressure, it can lead to your main water line freezing. A sign your pipes may be frozen is a change in water flow during colder months. If one of your pipes freezes and busts, it is crucial to locate and shut off your main water valve immediately to prevent flooding in your home.


3. Hot Water Heater Failing


Colder temperatures outside will mean more hot water is used in most homes. This can have your water heater working overtime. If you find yourself without hot water, you must determine the type of hot water heater you own before you can find a solution. Gas and electric hot water heater units will have different solutions to a lack of hot water. It is best to have your unit inspected by a professional from a reputable plumbing company in your area. They will determine if your unit is repairable or needs to be replaced.