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What’s the White Buildup on My Faucet?

Does it ever feel like no matter how often you clean and wipe down your faucet, does it feel like white spots keep popping up? White spots aren’t caused by people using the faucet or debris buildup, they’re actually caused by the very water that flows from it.

The Dangers of Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains calcium, magnesium, and trace amounts of dozens of other minerals. And while these minerals may not be harmful to your health, they can lead to:

  • White spots (also known as calcium deposits) on your faucets and “clean” dishes.
  • Laundry that feels tough.
  • Discolored or faded clothes.
  • Dry skin.
  • Low water pressure due to clogged pipes.

Your Long-Term Solution to Hard Water

If you believe hard water is flowing through your home’s pipes, the solution may be simpler than you think. Installing a whole home water softener will ensure your water is clean and mineral-free.

When you call on Mr. Rooter of Southeast Wisconsin, we’ll provide you with diagnostic testing to find out which water softener is best for your home and area. We’ll also provide you with a full quote for the unit and our installation service. As a result, you not only have the information you need to replace your water softener—you’ll have a professional who will handle it for you on the same day!

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