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Why Is My Water Cloudy and How Do I Fix It?

Have you ever walked over to the sink, turned the tap, and found nothing but cloudy water flowing from it? While you’ll be happy to know that drinking cloudy water is often not dangerous to your health. That being said, it’s also pretty unsightly and something most homeowners don’t want to deal with.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

Air Bubbles

Cloudy water caused by air bubbles usually dissipates within about 30 seconds to a minute of you pouring a glass. If the cloudiness does disappear right away, bubbles were likely the problem and your water is safe to drink. If the glass is still cloudy after a few minutes, you likely have a more serious problem on your hands.

Hard Water

Hard water is described by the level of dissolved minerals in water, like calcium and magnesium. Similar to air bubbles, hard water is safe to drink but it can also cause cloudy water. If you suspect you have hard water (other signs include spotty dishes and tough laundry), you can buy an at-home test kit. Depending on the results, you may want to invest in a whole-home water softener.


If you can’t determine a problem, it may be time to contact your water supplier. Though rare, cloudy and discolored water can be caused by chemical contamination or a backup of sewage. If you ever have doubts about whether your water is safe to drink, switch to bottles and wait until you hear back from your local plant.

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