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4 FAQs About HydroScrub Jetting

Have you been using your plunger more often than you’d like? Clogs may be the most common household plumbing issue, but that doesn’t make them any less of an inconvenience.

Whether you’re struggling with a stubborn clog now or want to make sure one doesn’t pop up in the future, it’s time to consider HydroScrub Jetting.

HydroScrub Jetting: The Best Way to Clear a Drain

1. “What is HydroScrub Jetting?”

Hydro-jetting is a pipe cleaning method that professional plumbing contractors use. Rather than relying on chemicals to break down a clog, hydro jetting relies on intense water pressure to safely and effectively dislodge a clog.

2. “Why can’t I just use chemical drain cleaners?”

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like a good idea when you’re in a pinch, but the reality is that they do more harm than good. Chemical drains cleaners have been known to damage pipes, meaning they’ll be more likely to crack and leak. The chemicals in drain cleaners are also very harmful to the environment.

3. “Will HydroScrub Jetting damage my pipes?”

Absolutely not! Hydro jetting uses nothing more than pressurized water to remove a clog. This is widely believed to be the safest option for your home, health, and the environment.

4. “Can HydroScrub Jetting act as preventative maintenance?”

Hydro jetting isn’t just for existing clogs — it can also help prevent a clog from ever forming in the first place. With regular hydro jetting maintenance, you can keep your pipes healthy and working well for years to come.

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