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Tips for Protecting Your Shower Drain

Despite being one of the most preventable plumbing problems, every year we get thousands of calls about clogged shower drains.

Rather than waiting for water to slowly rise while you’re in the shower, take the time now to make sure your drains are protected against falling hair and soap scum.

Preventing a Shower Drain Clog

Add a mesh liner.

The most effective way to prevent a clog is to prevent anything but water from going down your shower drain. And while it may seem like water is the only thing passing through your drain, remember that hair, soap scum, and small bath toys can easily pass through and cause a clog.

But with a simple mesh liner, you can stop things big and small from making their way down your drain.

Be proactive.

Most homeowners call on their local plumber only after they’ve got a major problem on their hands. And while we’re here for all of your emergency needs, the best way to have happy and healthy pipes is to be proactive. Scheduling regular drain cleanings and camera inspections can find a small problem before it turns into a big one.

Never use chemical cleaners.

Speaking of being proactive, one of the best ways to avoid cracked and leaking pipes is to never use chemical drain cleaners. While they may act quickly when you’re in a pinch, regularly using chemical cleaners can corrode the inside of your pipes, causing them to break down faster than normal. Not to mention, these cleaners have been known to pollute nearby water sources.

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