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4 Ways to Save Water

According to the Bureau of Reclamation, only 0.5% of water is available for use. So saving water is not only an excellent way to cut energy costs but is also great for the environment.

Below we have listed five tricks to help you save as much water as possible.

Save the Environment and Your Wallet

1. Turn Off the Faucet When Brushing Your Teeth, Shaving, or Washing Your Hands

Turning off your faucet when it’s not needed while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your hands is a great way to save water. According to the EPA, you can save up to 8 gallons of water per day and around 200 gallons a month in gray water.

2. Repair Leaky Faucets

According to the EPA, household leaks in the average American home can waste about 180 gallons per week, or 9,400 gallons of water a year. This amount of water is equal to doing more than 300 loads of laundry.

Thankfully, many plumbers offer leak detection and repair services. These technicians can spot leaks and then fix them in a relatively short amount of time. By having a leak fixed, you will see substantial savings almost immediately on your water bills.

3. Install Low-Flow Water Fixtures

Low-flow fixtures are designed to lower your waters flow rate or water or use a smaller quantity per flush. Installing low-flow water fixtures can save billions of gallons of water each year. According to a report from the EPA, you can save around $170 per year or more in water costs.

4. Sweep Your Driveway or Patio

Everybody wants a clean driveway and patio to make their homes look nice and impress their neighbors. Unfortunately, this process wastes a lot of water.

By sweeping your driveway or patio, you can get the same effect as washing your driveway without any of the guilt. While this way might take more effort, both your wallet and the environment will thank you.

Leaks Fixed Fast

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