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Showerhead with poor water pressure

Why is My Shower Pressure so Low?

When you step into the shower at the end of a long day only to find that you have very little water pressure, you’re probably left thinking, “not this again.”

Poor water pressure can be frustrating, especially if no other obvious plumbing problems are present. Fortunately, the solution could be simpler (and less expensive) thank you think.

Improving Your Showers Water Pressure

Some of the most common causes of poor water pressure are:

Showerhead Build-Up

Over time, things like calcium, limescale, and rust can build up on your showerhead, clogging the holes your water should be flowing out of.

What you should do: Remove your showerhead and soak it in white vinegar for eight to nine hours. If your showerhead doesn’t remove easily, you can secure a sandwich bag filled with white vinegar to it using a rubber band.

The Water Line is Off

Some showers have their own shut-off valves, separate from most other appliances. If this gets turned off, it will stop supplying water to your shower.

What you should do: Check your shower’s water line for a shut-off valve and make sure it’s opened all the way.

Your Water Heater is the Problem

Is pressure only bad when the hot water is being used? If so, the problem may be with your water heater and not the shower.

What you should do: If you know the date your water heater was installed, it may be time for a new one, since heaters usually last between eight and 10 years. If your unit is only a few years old, have a plumber inspect it for potential issues or clogs.

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