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From slow-draining sinks to wading pool showers, when your plumbing shows you that you need a drain replacement in Traverse City, you should get it right away. Your drain line may be made to last, but even these pipes have their limits. Add in the very hard water quality found in the city, daily wear and tear, and a few foreign objects, and you have yourself a recipe for drain damage. That’s when you call your local Traverse City plumber.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City, we are dedicated to providing you with top-tier drain replacement services. We know how frustrating a compromised drainage system can be, but we also know that it’s often a sign of a larger issue taking place deep within your pipes or sewer line. That’s why when you experience slow drains, standing water, weird odors, and gurgling noises, we can’t recommend employing our professional drain services enough. Read on to discover more about how we can help your unique situation, or give our friendly customer care team a call today.

About Our Drain Replacement Services

A drain replacement becomes necessary when household drain systems are compromised. From everyday wear and tear to neglected maintenance, we put our drains through the ringer every time we turn on the tap. There are numerous different types of drains throughout your home. These include:

  • Kitchen drains: Sinks, garbage disposals, dishwashers
  • Bathroom drains: Showers, toilets, bathtubs, vanity sinks
  • Basement and floor drains: Sump pumps, washing machines, water heaters, drains in the basement floor
  • Exterior drains: Downspout drains, foundation drains, French drains

All the drain lines in your home are connected to your main sewer line. They carry wastewater away from your home and into your septic tank, and that means they are susceptible to backup. Since these pipes carry wastewater, they’re also not something you want to have cracks or holes in, and yet, those are two very common problems we see with drain lines. Where does the drain replacement service come in? Here’s how our process works:


Whether you need a kitchen sink or bathtub drain replacement, inspection is always the first part of any drain replacement service. We need to see what we’re dealing with inside your pipes, and that involves a visual inspection or a video camera inspection to see what kind of damage your pipes have sustained. In some cases, we may find drain clogs, cracks, or corrosion down your drain line, which means that we need to use a more extensive method than a simple drain snake. What we see during this initial inspection will determine the next step we take.

Pipe Relining

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City, we use trenchless drain replacement when possible. If your drain lines are in relatively good shape and do not have extensive damage, we will recommend that they be relined. Before we do this, we need to thoroughly clean your drain line to rid it of all debris and buildup. We’ll use a special drain cleaning method called HydroScrub Jetting to do this, a powerful stream of water that gives the inside of your pipes a good polish.

During the pipe relining process, the only digging needed is for one small hole at the start of the affected drain pipe. Once the affected pipe is accessible, we’ll insert a flexible epoxy-soaked resin lining inside, as well as an inflatable tube to help the resin adhere to the sides of the pipe. After a few hours, the seal will be set, we’ll deflate the tube and remove it before filling the hole. Your drains will be as good as new.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is another one of our trenchless drain repair methods. We use bursting for pipes that cannot be lined, those with excessive cracks or damage that a new lining wouldn’t resolve. During this service, we’ll use specialized equipment to break apart your old drain pipe before sliding a new one in its place. While this less invasive method of pipe replacement doesn’t require excavation, it does require that we dig two small holes (one at the front and one at the end of the pipe), and it is a slightly more complex procedure than lining.

Count On Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Drain Replacement in Traverse City

Whether your drain issue is a recent plumbing emergency or you have been ignoring it for quite some time, calling us for tub or shower drain replacement will be done. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City, we will expertly handle your drain replacement and offer a wide range of additional plumbing services for our residential customers. From sewer line replacement and water line replacement to sump pump installation, we’re on a mission to ensure that locals’ plumbing needs are met from every angle.

In addition to our comprehensive service offering, we think you’ll also love our courteous, professional staff. Every member of our company, from our customer care representatives to our licensed, experienced plumbers, is respectful, friendly, and mindful of your needs, time, home, and family. We know that dealing with plumbing problems is the last thing Traverse City property owners want, so we aim to make the process as painless as possible with our convenient appointment times and upfront, flat-rate pricing. Ready to see the difference choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing makes? Give us a call today!

FAQs About Drain Replacement in Traverse City

We’re sure you have many questions about drain replacement, and if so, let us provide the answers. Contact our friendly customer service team at any time, or learn more by reading our responses to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Drains?

The question of whether you need a drain repair or replacement needs to be answered by a professional plumber. If you suspect something is wrong with your drain line, you should call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City right away. We’ll inspect your drains to find out if we need to replace one pipe or the entire pipe system. There’s a chance a small repair will suffice, but we won’t know until we take a look inside your drains. To get on your way to a properly working drain line, call our expert plumbers today.

Can I Replace My Drain Myself?

When we replace drain pipes, it isn’t always a straightforward process. There are many types of plumbing repair methods, and the process involves the proper tools, knowledge, and expertise to correctly diagnose your plumbing issues, choose the right repair, and execute it while avoiding common mistakes. If you need to replace just the entrance of your drain (the stopper or P-trap), the process may be possible, but it does require aligning, tightening, and inspecting to ensure your drain line will remain leak-free. Improperly installed drains will cause leaks, and because the pieces that connect the stopper to the drain lines aren't always visible, you may not know that there’s a steady drip or flow of water causing damage to your home’s foundation. For this reason alone, it’s a better idea to leave drain replacement to a professional licensed plumber to have total peace of mind.

What Causes the Need for Drain Replacement?

Traverse City, like other areas in Michigan, has hard to very hard water. That means the pipes in the area take a serious beating from the quality of the water alone. Hard water causes mineral buildup inside your drain line and can even corrode it. That’s just one issue your pipes are up against in the city, but they’re also susceptible to:

  • Corrosion from chemical cleaners
  • Cracks due to temperature fluctuations
  • Clogs caused by tree roots
  • Damage from clogs
  • Stress from backups and broken pipes

Why Do My Drains Empty Slowly?

If you have slow drainage, you’re most likely facing a clogged drain of some kind. You may not have had your pipes cleaned in a while, either. Whether it’s your kitchen drain, bathroom sink drain, or shower drain that’s emptying slower than normal, there’s a good chance that somewhere down your drain line lies an obstruction. This obstruction could be a tree root, but it could also be a buildup of corrosion and minerals or grease and food—it depends on the drain.

The most common types of clogs come from hair, debris, soap scum, and cooking grease. That’s why having a drain cover and following proper maintenance tips is so important. Properly identifying why your drains are emptying slowly is important in knowing how to fix them. To do this, you’ll need to call a pro. We use advanced equipment, such as drain cameras, to peek inside your pipes and find the culprit.

What Can I Do To Prevent The Need For Drain Replacement?

Sometimes, drain replacement is inevitable. If you live in an old home or have a broken sewer pipe, there’s no way around getting the service. However, there are things you can do to minimize the risk of needing major repairs prematurely. These include:

  • Never use chemical drain cleaners
  • Do not flush foreign objects
  • Never put food, grease, coffee grinds, or expandable foods (i.e., pasta and rice) down the drain
  • Do not neglect professional maintenance services

Professional drain cleaning can be the difference between an early drain replacement and never needing one. Since drain lines can last up to 100 years (depending on the type of pipes used), getting annual drain cleaning services may mean that you don’t ever have to deal with a drain replacement.

Get Reliable Drain Replacement in Traverse City - Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing For Expert Plumbing Services!

The pool of water around your feet when you shower isn’t going away. In fact, it’s only getting bigger. The gurgling sound you hear when you run the tap is only getting more frequent, and it’s finally time to do something about it. We urge our customers in Traverse City to call us at the first sign of drainage issues, as, more often than not, the reason behind them requires professional attention.

When you do call us, you can count on our skilled plumbers to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it quickly. With our range of drain replacement services, we’ll make sure the best solution is chosen for your home and needs. Also looking for drain cleaning or water softener repair in Traverse City? Give our qualified customer care team a call today to learn more.

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