Traverse City Water Softener Repair

Imagine turning on your kitchen faucet first thing in the morning to take your daily vitamins and prepare your breakfast meal of the day only to find your glass filled with cloudy and murky water. Not only is this less than appetizing to consume, but an excessive buildup of minerals in your home’s freshwater supply is nothing to be complacent about.

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If anything, hard water can affect both your skin and pipes, from clogging up your pores to permanently damaging your plumbing fixtures and water-based appliances, including leaving behind limescale deposits and watermarks on everything from your toilet and bathtub to your hot water kettle and blender. These may be first-world problems, but you’d be surprised at the major difference a Traverse City water softener repair could make. Not only will your skin be left soft and supple during your daily cleansing and grooming routine due to the gentler texture of the water. But your home’s plumbing system will encounter less frequent clogs thanks to the reduced likelihood of calcium deposits building on the inside of your pipes and fixtures coalescing into a nasty blockage. Plus, if you are tired of the unsightly demise of your dishware and have noticed water or mineral spots on your dishware, including scratches, hard water is a likely culprit. Sooner or later, if you already own a unit, you’ll want to upgrade it or tweak its control valve or replenish its mineral or brine tank through a water softener repair.

Traverse City residents will eventually want to rely on a certified, local, and fully insured plumbingexpert from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City to open the gateway to velvety liquid into their humble abode.

Even if you think that updating your plumbing system is nothing more than an overpriced expense for a water softener repair, Traverse City property owners will find this is one plumbing upgrade they don’t want to miss out on. Mr. Rooter Plumbing may have been around for a handful of years, but we are off to a great start as we always advocate for our clientele by offering quality workmanship, superior products and services, and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Plus, if we are so confident you will enjoy your silky smooth liquid unleashed from your taps that we even offer a one-year part and labor guarantee–if we haven’t opened the floodgates to soft water galore, our Traverse City plumber will return and make the proper adjustments to your preferences. We can even accommodate your flexible schedule and 24/7 emergency service, and our uniformed team members always clean up after themselves. Contact us today to get started!

Our Traverse City Water Softener Repair Process

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we offer expert water softener repair. Traverse City property owners will discover a wide range of components all backed by our standard seal of approval for professional plumbing:

Component Types that Need Repair

In total, there are three key components to a water-softening system that work altogether to remove hard minerals from your water supply, oversee the flow of liquid, and sometimes clean the system through the regeneration process. Our expert and experienced technician will conduct a thorough assessment of your current system for a water softener repair. Traverse City clients can get peace of mind knowing their freshwater supply is in trustworthy hands.

Control Valve: This is a gateway of sorts as it controls the flow of water into and out of the resin tank. After the resin beads have been exhausted with calcium and magnesium and reached their maximum capacity, it will automatically trigger the regeneration cycle.

Mineral Tank: Initially, your home's water supply passes through the mineral tank of a softener system which consists of a bed of negatively charged resin beads within. As a result, this will counter the hard mineral deposits within the liquid itself, which are positively charged, thereby neutralizing the drinking supply.

Brine Tank: The actual regeneration process takes place in the brine tank as contained within is the concentrated salt solution which filters out your water supply. After the resin bead reservoirs have been completely used up, the solution will begin to drip into the mineral tank through the control valve. Due to the fact sodium has a negative charge, its end goal is to replenish the resin beads so that calcium and magnesium ions, which are both positively charged, are once more reattached to them again.

Ultimately, the detailed-oriented process in conjunction with each component indicates that a Traverse City water softener repair is not just another quick plumbing fix done with run–of–the–mill and store-bought equipment. If anything, you require the insider knowledge and expertise of a professional plumber who can complete a thorough inspection before completing a water softener repair. Traverse City clientele can even inquire about upgrading their current system to a salt-free, magnetic, or dual-tank softener to accommodate their dietary preferences, healthy lifestyle, or larger family size.

Why We Are the Best Choice For Water Softener Repair in Traverse City MI

It may not be a natural and refreshing mountain hot spring, but softer water can work wonders for your daily routines, from healthier skin and physical wellness to preserving the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and even boosting your property value. Michigan State may be known for its beautiful Great Lakes shorelines, but like any finite natural resource, we have to preserve and protect it, especially our freshwater supply. Our skilled plumbers will best advise you on installation, repairs, and maintenance that meet your personal preferences, including any health conditions and budget before they determine the best course of action for your Traverse water softener repair.

FAQs About Traverse City Water Softener Repair

What Is A Water Softener System, And Why Is It Significant?

From healthier-looking skin to your kitchen appliances being free from blemishes, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to ask for a Traverse City water softener repair. At the end of the day, a water softener repair is not exactly a luxury but a necessary staple for any modern homeowner who hopes to boost their home’s freshwater supply by getting rid of hard mineral deposits. Still, if you remain hesitant about having higher quality freshwater to drink, cook and bathe, which is your lifeblood, go ahead and book a no-obligation consultation in which we can conjure up an effective and long-lasting solution for you after actively listening to your perspective.

The sole purpose of a water softener system is to get rid of any limescale deposits, particularly calcium and magnesium, alongside other minerals from tap water. Generally speaking, magnesium and calcium in your tap water are measured in kilograms or grams per liter of calcium carbonate in your freshwater supply. For example, if the level of mineral hardness checks in between 80 and 100 mg/L, you can safely consume the water, and your pipes won’t be rusted over anytime soon. But if the level increases to anything past 200 mg/L, your water quality has plummeted, although it can still be consumed, it serves as a reminder that you need a water softener repair. Traverse City homeowners must note this sometime soon. Overall, as an ion exchange unit, a water softener contains resin beads that attract these minerals and switch them out for sodium or potassium; therefore, decreasing any chance of potential damage to your plumbing fixtures. If anything, a Traverse City water softener repair is a worthwhile investment as with its proper upkeep, including following up with routine maintenance, a single unit can last upwards of two decades.

Does It Damage A Water Softener To Run Without Salt?

Yes–running a softener system without any salt for an extended period can damage it. Usually, a water softener system needs salt to regenerate and produce soft water. If there is no sodium, the system will no longer function to completely remove calcium and magnesium from your water, thereby allowing hard water chock-full of minerals back into your pipes and your home. Plus, the longer you forgo salt, the greater the chance it will become faulty and begin to malfunction. That’s because the hardness of the leftover minerals and iron will build up inside the valve itself, resulting in costly and permanent damage.

How Do I Know If My Water Softener Is Not Working Correctly?

The most obvious is the texture of the water itself, especially if it prickles and pierces your skin, leaving it dry and itchy. Sometimes however, the red flags are more subtle such as your shampoo or soap spuds not lathering enough, your clothes appearing to be dingy and worn out after doing laundry, or even signs of discoloration rust, or crumbling limescale deposits around plumbing fixtures, including the sink's faucet or eyesore water streaks on your pots and pans.

What Causes A Water Softener To Stop Using Salt?

Oftentimes, if your water softener system is clogged due to accumulated debris in the injector, or the brine or float valve may be glitchy and so the number of softness changes quite a bit. This is because it affects the system's ability to create a proper suction for the brine cycle, resulting in a lack of regeneration that would normally filter out the hard water.

Mr. Rooter Will Unleash Only A Silky Stream Of Water With a Traverse City Water Softener Repair!

Nobody deserves to fret about chalky water as they commence a fresh start to their day, so your best bet is to sign up for a Traverse City water softener repair service.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Traverse City is here to tweak any minor repairs or even perform a total overhaul by replacing your old system. Whether you’re in Alba, Bear Lake, or Copemish, go ahead and reach out to us today!

Ask one of our courteous customer service representatives to schedule a service appointment. Our customer care team will also inform you of our other residential and commercial plumbing services, from drain cleaning to clogged drain repair and water heater replacement, as we are at your disposal.

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