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Diamond glistening in the light

Diamonds (and Plumbers!) are a Girl's Best Friend

You would be surprised to know what all we recover from toilets and sinks. We’ve seen it all, from toys to diamond rings. That’s why we like to say diamonds (and plumbers!) are a girl’s best friend.

Over the summer, a woman’s ring accidentally slipped off her finger when she was putting on lotion and fell into a vent pipe during a wedding party at a beauty salon. The owner reached out to us in hopes of a rescue miracle.

“I could feel the panic,” said Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Colorado Owner Charlie Hall, who got the call. He immediately sent a crew to recover the ring.

After an hour of searching the line with a camera that went through 50 feet of duct work with no luck, they tried one last-ditch effort. They put the camera into action one more time.

General Manager Dan Burleson was looking at the footage when they spotted the ring tucked in a crevice. “It was a miracle,” said Burleson, who smiled when recalling how they fished out the ring. To get it out safely, they had to pull it up 5 feet through turns with the ring only on the end of a wire.

It was Service Professional Doug Johnson who finally plucked the ring out. He explained being anxious - but confident - they would find the ring. “When it comes to something that valuable, we’re going to get it,” he said.

It’s a day the wedding party will never forget. As for the plumbing crew, they said they were just doing their job.

Here are some ideas to keep something like this from happening to you:

  • Keep a small dish or ring holder in your bathroom to safely put your rings in if you take your rings off when washing your hands.
  • Do not put your ring on the back of a toilet. Lots of rings get accidentally flushed this way.
  • Put the plug in your sink before washing your hands to keep a ring from immediately falling down the drain.