Columbia Water Line Installation

We all need fresh, potable water in our homes. Without it, cleaning would be impossible, staying hydrated would be dangerous, and let’s not even think about what showering would be like. Can you imagine carrying a bucket of water into your home every time you needed to bathe or drink?

Your residential water line delivers clean water into your home from the city’s main water line. Every livable home in Columbia has one, and similar to your sewer line, your water line needs to be installed via excavation, ideally when your home is being built. If your Columbia water line installation is more so a replacement of old, damaged pipes, a similar process will need to be followed with the inclusion of a few extra steps.

A water line installation can be complex, which means hiring a professional Columbia plumber is essential. When you call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Columbia, SC, you’re getting an expert team of plumbing technicians with extensive experience in the trade. Dedicated to doing the job right, your service will be completed efficiently without compromising quality—and that’s something you simply can’t risk when it comes to any type of plumbing issue or service. Read on to discover more about our services for Columbia water line installation, or call our qualified team today to book yours.

About Our Efficient Columbia Water Line Installation Service

There’s no way around it; a Columbia water line installation is a big project. To help you better understand what’s involved, we’ll break down the service step by step for you here. Before we do, it’s important that you know how a water line works. Living in the city of Columbia in South Carolina means that your home is (or will be) connected to the municipal water line, which runs underground across the area’s streets. The aim of a water line installation is to connect your home or private property with the city’s water line so that you can access the freshwater it contains.

Even in South Carolina, water pipes cannot be above ground. In fact, they need to be installed at least 12 inches deep and at least 6 inches below the frost line. The average water line depth in the state is 2.68 feet. Of course, this means that a Columbia water line installation will involve excavation, which is why it’s ideal to install these pipes during the construction process of your home. If you’re in the planning stages of building your home, we’re glad you’ve found us. If you need water line replacement services for an existing set of pipes, don’t worry; we can help with that too.

Here’s a basic rundown of what’s involved during installation:

  • Excavation: This is the process of digging a passage where we will install the pipe. We aim for as little destruction to an area as possible and stay within state regulations for trench depth and width. Depth and width are determined by the climate, pipe size, traffic load, and soil type. We’ll take everything into consideration before digging.
  • Bedding: This refers to the preparations taken to create a platform for the pipes to sit on top of. Bedding requires perfect leveling and keeping all soil adversities in mind. Damp or rocky soil can create complications, and a special type of pipe bedding may be required. However, we may need to dig deeper to bypass these issues.
  • Pipe laying: After inspecting the pipe we will use for your water line, we’ll lower it into the trench by hand or with equipment if the trench is too deep.
  • Pipe joining: Bell holes need to be dug by hand before pipes are joined together. The size of these holes varies depending on the type of joint used.
  • Connect to existing mains: Via a tee connection or a pressure tap, we will connect your new water pipe to an existing water main.
  • Testing and inspection: Your qualified plumber will inspect the work and test your new water line to ensure that everything is installed correctly and that there is adequate water pressure. We perform this step before the last to avoid any unnecessary re-digging and time spent.
  • Cover and clean up: After we are satisfied with the operation of your newly installed water line, we will cover the pipes with soil and clean up any mess we have created.

We also offer a dependable service for water line replacement should you have an existing pipe system that needs to be exchanged with a new one. Replacements are often necessary for old homes or those with improper installation. Choosing an experienced and professional company for the job will ensure that it is performed correctly so that you can avoid plumbing disasters in the future.

Why Let Mr. Rooter Plumbing Conduct Your Columbia Water Line Installation?

A Columbia water line installation needs to be performed by a professional company. It involves excavation and an ample amount of measuring and leveling, not to mention the knowledge and skill of state regulations and precision. Why choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing? Our experienced team has all of the above qualifications and then some. With extensive experience in the plumbing industry, our plumbing experts know the ins and outs of local water lines as well as the do’s and don’ts of plumbing. A few other reasons locals love us include:

  • Exceptional customer service. We know how to treat our customers!
  • Licensed & insured. We’re up-to-date on all the required licenses, and our professionals are insured on the job.
  • Workmanship & parts are guaranteed. We will never use dodgy parts or sub-par workmanship.
  • No overtime charges. You will never see an additional charge for nights, weekends, or holidays! Our flat-rate, upfront pricing makes sure of that.
  • Convenient appointment times. We’ll work with your schedule to perform efficient repairs, installations, and replacements.
  • Locally and family-owned & operated company. We care about our community and our customers!
  • Wide service offering: From tankless water heater installation to drain cleaning and water line repairs, we provide property owners with quality water, sewer, and drain line services.

FAQs About Water Line Installation in Columbia, SC

Columbia water line installation isn’t a task you should take lightly. Of course, that means you’ll have a lot of questions about our service and the process of getting your bathing and drinking water supply securely installed. To help provide some quick answers, check out our responses to our customers’ most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional queries about our water line services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Do Water Pipes Have to Be Underground?

In South Carolina, water pipes are required to be underground. This is to protect them from the damage that occurs from freezing temperatures and sun. Soil serves as a natural insulator for your pipes, and due to the fact that they often run across your lawn, burying them underground keeps your property free from obstructions and unsightly tubes.

What is the Best Pipe for Underground Water Lines?

There are several different types of pipes used for water mainlines. One of the most common is copper. However, even though copper pipes have a high cost, they are also very durable and resistant to corrosion. Copper pipes last up to 80 years if cared for properly.

Another popular type of water pipe is PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This durable plastic pipe is completely resistant to corrosion as well as impact damage. PVC pipes come in a variety of sizes, are more affordable than copper pipes, and last longer than copper. This may be why PVC is a highly recommended type of piping for water lines in South Carolina.

How Long Do Underground Water Pipes Last?

It depends on what they’re made from. Copper pipes can last up to 80 years, whereas galvanized steel pipes can last up to 100. You’ll get more than 100 years of use from PVC pipes, making them one of the smartest choices for your Columbia water line installation. If you would like to learn more about which type of pipe material is best for your home, give our expert team a call.

Why Do Underground Water Pipes Break?

The most common reason that water pipes break is temperature changes. Cold temperatures will cause pipes to contract, whereas hot temperatures will cause them to expand. Though burying pipes underground will protect them from freezing in the winter and becoming damaged from the sun in the summer, they will still expand and contract, leading to cracks and leaks.

Get Things Flowing! Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Columbia Water Line Installation Today!

Your water lines carry safe drinking water into your home and help you enjoy hot water when you clean and bathe. These pipes are an important part of home life and should be installed by expert plumbers.

Whether you are building your house from the ground up or need replacement pipes, let Mr. Rooter Plumbing take care of your Columbia water line installation. We’re the experts you call when you want to guarantee top-tier, reliable service, and in the case of this particular plumbing service, there’s no better company for the job. With our extensive experience, professional attitude, upfront pricing, and guaranteed workmanship and parts, you can have total peace of mind knowing the job will be completed correctly the first time.

From Ballentine to Cayce and Irmo to Lexington, we’re proud to provide our local communities with exceptional plumbing services. Whether you need a Columbia water line installation, have a plumbing emergency, or have questions about clogged drains and drain repair, give our friendly team a call today!

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