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As a homeowner, you probably know how important it is to take care of your plumbing system. For the average person, it’s difficult to understand your plumbing system because so much of it is hidden from the naked eye. It is tough to examine the inside of your drains, pipes, and plumbing. On top of that, many parts of your plumbing system, like your sewer line, are underground. Luckily, we have a state-of-the-art solution for you. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pomona Valley offers plumbing video camera inspection in Pomona, California, and the surrounding area. Our equipment allows us to thread a camera into pipes and show you what it looks like. When you can see your plumbing system’s issues, it becomes much easier to understand the necessary repairs. Learn more about our plumbing video camera inspections.

The Benefits of Inspecting Your Plumbing With a Camera

Homeowners love plumbing camera inspection services because it gives them a chance to see things for themselves. This equipment is not always the best diagnostic solution, though. For instance, if we need to service a gas line under 1 inch in diameter, inspecting it with a camera is not the best option. We have more effective methods. However, there are some situations that are perfectly suited to the use of this equipment. Below, you can find some of the situations where we commonly use our video camera equipment.

Identifying the Source of a Blockage

Camera plumbing inspections are a perfect way to identify the source of a blockage. Clogs near your drain’s mouth may be easy to identify with a snake or rooter. However, when blockages occur deep within your plumbing system, it can be more difficult to identify the source. When we insert a camera into your plumbing, we can visually inspect the source of a clog. Once we know what is causing a clog, we can offer you the most reliable solutions for removing it. We can also help you create a maintenance plan that reduces the likelihood of similar clogs occurring in the future.

Inspecting Plumbing Before Buying a Home

When you purchase a home, you want to thoroughly understand your future expenses as a homeowner. Future plumbing repairs can be a major drain on your budget. Many buyers purchase a house only to find out later that they need to replace the sewer line, install a new water line, or pay for some other costly project. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pomona Valley can examine your potential home with plumbing inspection camera services to help you understand the condition of a home’s plumbing. This way, you can purchase a home with a full understanding of its value and potential future expenses.

Retrieving Lost Items

The moment you drop something valuable down the drain, you might feel yourself panicking. It can be incredibly stressful to lose a wedding ring or some other irreplaceable item in your plumbing system. We can often help, though. One of the most difficult parts of retrieving lost items in your plumbing system is locating them. That’s where our video camera equipment can really save the day. We can use this equipment to pinpoint the location of your lost items. Once we know where your lost item is, we have equipment that allows us to recover it.

Diagnostics That Prevent Future Problems

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pomona Valley, we don’t just help you with your current plumbing problem. We do everything we can to help you prevent future issues. One of the many ways we accomplish this goal is to offer you thorough diagnostics with equipment like our plumbing video cameras. When we can visually inspect a plumbing problem, our team will be able to help you understand how it occurred and give you tips for preventing it in the future. Video camera diagnostics are not the best method for inspecting gas lines since they are usually less than 1 inch in diameter. We have other precise diagnostic techniques in those situations.

What Can We See During a Video Camera Inspection?

When we insert a video camera into your plumbing, the live feed will give us valuable information. Depending on the reason for using this method, we may discover many different things about your plumbing system. Some of the most common things that we may discover during a video camera inspection include:

  • Tree root intrusion
  • Clogs caused by oil, grease, food particles, toilet paper, or other forms of waste
  • Cracks and structural damage in pipes
  • Foreign items lost or lodged in your pipes
  • Broken or damaged plumbing components

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The next time you have a plumbing problem, you should work with a team that helps you fully understand the issue you are facing. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pomona Valley uses special diagnostic equipment to ensure that our customers are fully aware of the cause and condition of their plumbing issues. We have provided reliable services to countless homeowners in Pomona and Claremont. Contact us today to schedule your plumbing video camera inspection appointment or request an estimate!

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