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Signs of a leak in basement garage of residential home

The Essential Central Long Island Leak Detection Guide

Did you know that an undetected pipe leak can waste as much as 8000 gallons of water each day? That will only happen in the worst cases scenario for undetected plumbing problems in Central Long Island, but that doesn't mean you should put off detection for minor drips. Even minuscule dribbles from your pipes and other fixtures will create major problems over time.

Most people in Central Long Island think of clearing clogs and fixing toilets when they think of the professional plumbing service that local companies provide, but leak detection is also an essential service that plumbing experts perform. If you've noticed issues in your property pointing to hidden pipe problems, contacting an experienced, reliable plumber will save you from future problems.

The knowledgeable, experienced team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Long Island are experts when it comes to detection techniques for water leaks and other hidden problems. Not even a slab leak below your foundation can hide from their excellent perception. If you've seen the warning signs of secret plumbing problems in your property, professional detection — and timely repairs — will help you locate those issues and fix them before any serious consequences affect you.

What Are the Consequences of Water Leaks in Central Long Island, NY?

You probably don't need to be told that your water supply and drainage system should never let anything out, other than the water that comes out of faucets and the waste that goes down drains. There's a long list of consequences for waste or water seeping out of pipes, fixtures, and appliances — and it's full of serious, costly, unsafe situations.

A leaky pipe with a hole that lets out as much as 8000 gallons each day will result in massive spikes on utility bills. That much wasted water can cost as much as 130 dollars per day in Long Island. In one month, that adds up to just under 4000 dollars — and all it takes is a hole about the size of a thumb tack.

In addition to those rising utility costs, you'll also likely be the victim of serious property damage. Slab leaks that sit below buildings wash away soil and change structural stability in a way that causes cracked foundations and sinking houses.

In some cases, cracks and damage extend from foundations by going up walls and across ceilings. Even minor hidden issues create water damage on walls and ceilings. If the source of that water damage isn't fixed quickly, you might also be the victim of corrosion, wood rot, and infestations — which are just three common consequences from a lengthy list of potential problems that Long Island property owners can avoid with timely detection and inspection services.

How Do You Know if You Need Leak Detection Services in Central Long Island, NY?

Recognizing the signs of a hidden leak early will save you from extreme frustration down the line. Not all plumbing problems give property owners in Long Island immediate indications that something is wrong. Some signs are subtle. When it comes to leak detection, a huge, dripping ceiling stain is an obvious sign of serious problems, but you can get help before something like that happens if you learn all the smaller signs.

Signs of a Hidden Leak Include:

  • Dripping & squeaking faucets, as well as taps that are difficult to open or close

  • Puddles appearing near fixtures

  • Sewage smells & other musty, rotten, or otherwise unpleasant odors

  • Uneven floors & tiles

  • Rusted connections

  • Cracked & bulging hoses

  • Decreased water pressure

  • Moisture stains & wet spots on floors, walls, & ceilings

  • Water meters running when water is shut off or not in use

  • Patches of bright green grass in your outdoor areas

  • Isolated pools of water & sinkholes in your lawn

  • Sudden hairline cracks coming from your foundation

What Should You Do if You Find a Leak in Central Long Island, NY?

If you see obvious signs of a major leak — or any plumbing emergency — turn off your water supply and seek out immediate help from a local Long Island plumbing company. Time is an important factor for every pipe repair; damage — and cost — increase rapidly as time moves on. Quick, effective solutions from a local plumber make all the difference when it comes to combating costly repairs.

If you've noticed more subtle signs, you'll absolutely benefit from contacting your local leak detection experts. An unexplainable increase in monthly utility costs, water pressure changes, and other smaller warning signs are all problems that decrease comfort and increase anxiety, but your professional plumber can restore your peace of mind — and your pipes!

The leak detection solutions used by professional plumbing companies can find all hidden issues. Whether you have leaky sink pipes or a problem sitting behind your wall, an experienced Long Island plumbing professional can pinpoint the source of your distress — and prevent those problems from causing more water damage.

How Does a Long Island Plumbing Professional Provide Leak Detection Services?

Expertise is something that many people in Long Island forget about — until they see the benefits of expert detection service for themselves. Of course, professional plumbers have access to advanced tools and techniques that help them find hidden drips, but we should also value their experience. Part of what makes that advanced detection technology so useful is the knowledge and skill of the person using it.

With their years of experience locating other hidden plumbing problems, a skilled plumber can choose from a variety of advanced equipment options. If you've taken advantage of professional services for plumbing problems before, then you already know that the specialized technology used by plumbing industry experts provides exceptional, unparalleled results.

Video Camera Inspections

Plumbing inspections are one of the most essential plumbing services in Long Island. One of the common ways that those inspections are completed is with video equipment. Using flexible plumbing cameras, professionals can look deep inside systems — without ever cutting away drywall or digging up your lawn.

Sound Equipment:

Plumbers also use specialized listening devices for professional leak detection. Sound detection equipment amplifies the sounds coming from pipes, which makes water leak detection easy for any plumber who knows what to listen for.

Thermal Imaging Equipment:

Using specialized infrared cameras, a plumber can look right through walls, floors, and even concrete. Thermal cameras create a heat map of any area they're pointed at. An experienced plumber providing detection services can use that image of cold and warm spots to find the precise location of hidden issues.

How Can You Do Your Own Leak Detection in Long Island, NY?

The best DIY detection method is always watching your bills, meter, and fixtures for any unusual problems. Routine maintenance services like drain cleaning are also great ways to find hidden issues because they often include an inspection as well. Getting regular advice and help from a local, trustworthy plumber is never a bad idea.

The Dye Test

If you suspect your toilet might be leaking, the dye test is one method that many people in Central Long Island use to confirm whether or not they need professional plumbing repairs. High utility bills and bathroom floor puddles are often caused by toilet issues — especially if they don't get regular maintenance.

As toilet flappers wear down, they allow water to trickle out of the tank. That constant drainage can lead to several problems. Luckily, it's easily detectable. If you suspect you might have a leaky toilet tank, add a few drops of food coloring to the water. That color should start seeping out before five minutes pass. If it doesn't, you might have a different issue. In either case, calling your local plumber isn't a bad idea.

Do You Need Leak Detection Services in Central Long Island, NY?

The leak detection experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Long Island can help! As a locally owned plumbing company, we proudly serve our neighbors in Suffolk County — Ronkonkoma, Brentwood, and Middle Island included — with a wide range of maintenance, repairs, and emergency services.

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