When to Call a Plumber for a Cracked Pipe in Ronkonkoma

A close-up of a broken copper pipe with a crack in a side of the pipe where it has split open.
Are you wondering if you should call a professional to fix your cracked pipe in Ronkonkoma? Most of the time, the answer is yes. There are some simple plumbing repairs that anybody can do themselves, but fixing or replacing a damaged plumbing line is one of the jobs best left to professionals in Suffolk County. Attempting your own repairs—or applying a temporary solution that won't last—could result in more serious damage and costly repairs in the future.

Unfortunately, a cracked pipe is not a problem that you can ignore. Whether there is damage affecting your sewer pipes, your water supply line or some other pipe, it should be fixed quickly. The extent of damage caused by a crack, burst or even a minor issue with your plumbing will only become more expensive the longer that you wait to fix it.

Even a small plumbing leak could cost you thousands of dollars over time. A hole in your line that's only 1/16” could leak enough water to end up costing you an extra 400 dollars on your monthly bills. That number could more than triple with a hole that's only twice as big—which is still smaller than a pencil eraser.

Luckily, you always have access to a professional team of Ronkonkoma plumbers who can fix a cracked pipe in Ronkonkoma and many other plumbing issues in many nearby areas. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Long Island, we have the professional tools, techniques and experience that you need when your home has a cracked pipe. No matter where the damage is in your system, or how severe it is, we'll find it, fix it and help you prevent it from coming back. As your local licensed plumbers, we're also here to help you learn the signs that it's time to call a team of professionals and why it's best to rely on professional plumbers for repairing your cracked pipe in Ronkonkoma.

Signs You May Need Repairs for a Cracked Pipe in Ronkonkoma

In general, any noticeable change in the way your fixtures, appliances, or plumbing lines work is a strong sign that you may need an appointment for Ronkonkoma plumbing repair. There is a wide variety of warning signs and small problems that relate to an equally wide range of plumbing issues in Ronkonkoma. If you ever notice that your toilet, taps, and tub are acting odd, consider calling a professional for an inspection—before those problems get worse.

When it comes to cracked pipes in Ronkonkoma, there are some specific signs that you may want to know more about. Keep in mind, these problems may be caused by a cracked pipe, but they could also be caused by some other serious problem or severe damage in your system. In either case, you should call a licensed plumber if you notice any of these issues affecting your plumbing system.

Frequent Clogs and Backups

When it comes to a cracked pipe, clogs and backups usually become more common when tree roots manage to break through the crack and continue growing inside your buried sewer line. Tree root penetration is a common problem for properties in Ronkonkoma that have many nearby trees, shrubs, and other large foliage. As those plants grow, their roots spread out in search of water. If they find it seeping out of your buried sewer line, they'll find a way inside.

Once roots breach your buried sewage line, they'll continue spreading and growing within your system, creating a net of roots that catches waste and debris. All that blockage and buildup results in frequent clogs, and sometimes even sewage backups.

Unexplained Increases in Your Water Bills

If someone in your home starts taking long showers, you may not be surprised to see your monthly bills getting larger, but that shouldn't be happening if the habits of everyone in your home or business haven't changed. When water bills in Ronkonkoma get higher without an obvious cause, the problem is usually found to be damaged fixtures or plumbing lines.

A pipe leak is a particularly expensive problem to have, especially if you don't fix it as soon as possible. Not only will a leak continue to increase your bills, but it will also eventually cause serious water damage to nearby parts of your property. That's why it's best to call a professional plumber at the first sign of trouble.

Water Damage in Your Property

Water damage comes in many forms. The most common cracked pipes in Ronkonkoma are spreading stains on your walls or ceiling, liquid dripping from areas beneath your bathroom or kitchen, and yellowish-brown stains on any surfaces with drywall. You should also keep an eye out for musty smells or any other unusual odors coming from areas near your fixtures and appliances.

Water damage isn't always a sign of a cracked pipe in Ronkonkoma—sometimes leaks between your floors and walls are caused by worn caulking in a shower or other structural issues—but a licensed plumber is always the best person to call when you need help investigating that kind of issue. As knowledgeable experts, plumbers have enough experience to find out exactly what's causing that damage—and if it turns out that you need plumbing repairs, they'll already be on site to provide efficient service and an effective solution.

Permanent Puddles

Pooling water is not something anybody in Ronkonkoma wants to see. You might be thinking of basement leaks and backups when it comes to puddles of water, but those puddles could appear anywhere where plumbing lines run. A minor crack could create a permanent puddle in the cupboard beneath your kitchen sink, in the area behind your toilet or even in your yard.

Permanent puddles in your yard or lawn aren't as common as other warning signs in Ronkonkoma, but they often indicate serious issues when they do appear. Keep in mind that puddles appearing in your yard after heavy rains are usually not a sign of problems, but if they don't disappear—or if they appear on a day with no chance of rain—that could indicate your septic system or main sewage line is severely damaged. That type of puddle could also be joined by unusual grass or plant growth nearby, caused by sewage leaking below the ground.

Basement Wall Cracks

A crack that runs from the floor of your basement up to the top of a wall is often created by a shifting foundation. That foundation trouble could be caused by a cracked pipe below your home, which is also known as a slab leak because of its location beneath your home's foundation slab.

A basement wall crack is a serious sign of trouble that should be investigated by an experienced professional. If you've been experiencing other plumbing problems in Ronkonkoma—or if you smell sewage in your basement—you should call your local licensed plumber when you see a basement foundation crack. Finding and fixing a slab leak below your concrete foundation is a job that requires professional tools, techniques, and expertise.

Water Pressure Changes

If the water in your supply line is being diverted by a cracked pipe in your system, you may notice dropping pressure levels in your fixtures or appliances. If your pressure drops in only one fixture, the problem likely lies in whichever line connects that fixture to your main supply line. However, if multiple fixtures are being affected, then you may need professional crack repair services for your main water supply line.

Major Sewage Backups

If you can't flush your toilet without it backing up, or if doing so causes sewage to seep out of another nearby drain, that's a sign that you need to contact a professional for sewer line repair service. It could be that a massive clog is simply blocking your main sewage line, but you could also have a cracked pipe or other damage in your system that's preventing the proper flow of sewage out into your septic tank or into Ronkonkoma's public sewer system. Only a professional plumber has the knowledge, training, and skill required to complete sewer line repairs for a cracked pipe in Ronkonkoma.

Why Should You Call a Plumber to Repair Your Cracked Pipe in Ronkonkoma?

While there are DIY solutions available for a property owner with a cracked pipe in Ronkonkoma—such as clamp kits, plumber's tape or epoxy sealant—those repair methods are only temporary, and they won't be an option for repairing buried lines. Those DIY repairs are really only meant to temporarily stop the flow of water through a cracked pipe while you wait for pipe repair service from a professional plumber.

In many cases, the only truly effective method for fixing a cracked pipe is to remove the damaged section and replace it. To complete that type of repair, you'll need specialized plumbing tools, knowledge about the correct methods for replacing damaged plumbing lines and the skill to do so without causing any accidental damage. Essentially, unless you're a professional plumber yourself, it's best to call a licensed pro when you need repairs for a cracked pipe in Ronkonkoma.

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What Causes Cracked Pipes in Ronkonkoma?

That damage could come from many potential sources in Ronkonkoma, depending on the material that your pipes are made of, their age, and your own personal habits. For example, older cast iron pipes could crack simply because they have become rusted and weakened. However, that's not a problem that typically affects newer, modern plumbing lines.

Older sewer and water lines in Ronkonkoma will always be more susceptible to damage, but there are several causes of damage that affect even newer lines. It's important that you know those causes so that you can protect yourself against everything from leaks below your sink to pipe leaks underneath your property.

Frozen Pipes

Freezing is a common cause of damage in systems that are not properly insulated against cold weather in Ronkonkoma. Frozen pipes crack because of the pressure created by ice expanding inside them. It's common for that damage to remain undetected until after that ice has thawed and water starts flowing out of the ruptured section.

It's important that you take proper precautions against frozen plumbing in Ronkonkoma. Ensure that all your lines are well insulated. During cold snaps, it's often advised that you open cupboards below your sinks to allow heat from your home to spread around your drain lines.

Severe Clogs

Did you know that Ronkonkoma drain cleaning is an important part of preventing future problems with your plumbing system? That's partly because severe clogs trapped within your system could increase the pressure inside your lines enough to cause a cracked pipe.

Regular drain cleaning also helps you find and fix problems like tree root penetration before they cause serious damage. You may be able to clear some clogged drains on your own, but that doesn't mean you should skip your appointment for routine drain cleaning.

Tree Roots

Have you ever seen a section of sidewalk pushed up by tree roots growing underneath? Those roots are destructive to many systems in Suffolk County. If tree roots wrap around your buried sewage or water systems, it's possible for them to cause cracks over time.

This is a relatively rare problem in Ronkonkoma—roots are normally attracted by pre-existing cracks—but it's still a problem that could occur. If you're thinking about planting new trees on your property, you should ensure that they're planted far from your buried plumbing systems to decrease the chances of accidental damage from root growth.

Nearby Construction Projects and Shifting Soil

Are you thinking about building a new deck in your backyard or hiring contractors for other projects in your yard? Make sure that they know where your buried plumbing is so that they don't accidentally cause a cracked pipe.

It's also important to consider the effects of nearby digging on the soil supporting your sewage and water lines. If enough soil shifts away from beneath those lines, either as a result of nearby construction or just because of natural erosion, you could find yourself with a cracked pipe that has buckled because of the lack of support beneath it.

Do You Need Professional Repairs for a Cracked Pipe in Ronkonkoma?

You can always call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Long Island for pipe repair in Ronkonkoma, as well as throughout Suffolk County and surrounding areas. We proudly serve nearby areas like Lake Grove and Sayville. Whether you're a homeowner or commercial property owner, we're here to help with services for a wide range of plumbing issues.

Call us to schedule an appointment for cracked pipe repairs in Ronkonkoma, or to learn more about our wide range of plumbing services available in Suffolk County.