You rely on using your plumbing every day. Having access to clean water and efficient waste removal is integral for your family's health and well-being. From simple tasks like doing laundry to making a cup of tea, plumbing plays a vital role in everyday tasks and chores. Yet, if you're like most homeowners, plumbing likely doesn't cross your mind very often. As long as there are no problems, it's easy to take our plumbing systems for granted. But as soon as something goes wrong, it's hard to ignore the frustrating fallout.

When you have plumbing problems, we have solutions. Our owners, Gary and Shannon Curley, started their business Gary Curley Plumbing in 1992. Gary started in the industry as a teenager working for his grandfather. Roughly ten years ago, Gary and Shannon added their business to Mr. Rooter Plumbing. Together, our team works hard to ensure both our personable plumbers and friendly office staff provide the highest quality service and value to all our customers. We treat each of our customers with the same respect we show to our dearest friends and neighbors. Our team is highly experienced, hardworking and courteous. When you welcome one of our skillful plumbers into your home, you can always count on us to provide transparent, honest and timely service. We'll not only provide efficient and diligent workmanship, but also take time to answer any questions you might have and provide professional advice to prevent the need for future repairs.

Whether your sinks are hopelessly clogged, your toilets won't flush, or a leaking faucet in your bathroom sink won't stop dripping, call the pros at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Long Island. Our plumbers have years of in-field experience completing a wide range of projects for clients throughout Lake Ronkonkoma. To learn more about a few of our most requested services, read on.

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Hot Water Heater Repair & Installation

Having no access to hot water is a frustrating experience, to say the least. If your shower doesn't warm up no matter how long you leave it running, you likely have an issue with the hot water heater. Since we’re talking about a complex piece of technology here, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber like the team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing to solve the problem. We will inspect your water heater, diagnose the issue and advise you on what we think is the best solution. Then, whether you decide to replace or repair the machine, we'll efficiently complete the job. Our team of experts are pros at repairing and/or replacing damaged water heaters. We can install a range of tanks, including:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Tankless

Along with minimal or zero access to hot water, there are a number of other warning signs that indicate it's time you need hot water heater repair services. These include:

  • Bad smelling water
  • Noisy water tank
  • Not enough hot water
  • No hot water
  • Leaking tank

Unclog Drains

Clogs get in the way of completing essential chores and tasks like taking a shower or using your kitchen sink to wash produce. Often, clogs are accompanied by icky smells and dirty, stagnant water. Without annual cleaning maintenance, it's fairly common for Lake Ronkonkoma homeowners to deal with blockages from time to time. Since your drains are used frequently, all manner of debris (including food scraps, grease and hair) builds up in your pipes. Eventually, enough materials in your drain will clog it.

Do you think one or more of the drains in your home are blocked? If so, it's important to call the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing right away. When clogs are not dislodged promptly, they could get worse and wreak havoc on your plumbing—perhaps even causing leaks or bursting a pipe. If you have many clogs in your home, it's possible there is a block deep within your system. Generally, such a large clog is found in your sewer line.

Usually, it's very obvious when you have a clogged drain, such as when you’re dealing with a clogged shower drain. But often the early warning signs are a bit more difficult to catch. As a responsible homeowner, you should be aware of following red flags:

  • The toilet bubbles when you use the sink
  • You see pools of water on the floor by your bathtub or sink
  • Your drains take a while to empty
  • Your hear gurgling noises
  • There is standing water in the sink
  • You smell sewage or rot coming from your sinks or bathtub

Drain Cleaning Services

Did you know that you can reduce the likelihood of clogs, burst pipes and corrosion that can seriously damage your plumbing system through annual drain cleaning maintenance? Just like how you take your car in for regular tune ups to make it last longer and run smoothly, you can do the same with your pipes! Regular cleanings also help prevent emergencies by ensuring your system is in tip-top shape.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Long Island, we use the most cutting-edge technology to give your drains a deep clean: our HydroScrub® Jetting service. This tool shoots a high-pressure stream of water through your pipes to dislodge even the most stubborn clogs. We pair our HydroScrub® jetting with our Enzymatic Drain Care solution to clear away seriously built-up grime from your pipes. Our Enzymatic Drain Care solution is eco-friendly and free of any harmful chemicals you'd want to avoid putting in your plumbing.

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At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Long Island, customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you hire our team of experts, you can expect reliable, quality service and impeccable craftsmanship. We're a family-owned, local business who truly cares about providing the utmost in customer service. From start to finish, our goal is to create a positive experience for each of our clients during any service we perform. When your water heater needs replacing, a clogged kitchen sink is frustrating you to no end, or you require an emergency plumber, we've got it covered.

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