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Do you have a clogged sink or shower drain? Or is your toilet not flushing properly or backing up? If so, call us immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – whenever your clogged drains need proper drain cleaning. We know that clogged drains come at the worst possible time – just before a party or holiday, on a weekend, or in the middle of the night. We never charge overtime fees; we want our customers’ plumbing needs to be taken care of professionally, and immediately.

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Warning Signs Of A Drain Clog

Have you noticed an odd or foul odor coming from your kitchen sink? It could be food rotting in your drain, blocking water from properly draining out. Does the water drain from your tub or shower quickly, or does it slowly circle the drain and gurgle? Hair is a culprit we often see in Santa Rosa drains and can lead to clogged drains that need a proper and thorough cleaning. However, it is typically not the food or hair that is the root of the problem; chances are a greasy buildup is catching debris and clogging the pipes. Turn to Mr. Rooter of Santa Rosa for all of your emergency plumbing and drain clogs.

What We Do To Remove The Clog

Conventional methods including the cable or rooter systems snake through your pipes to open passages to allow water to drain properly. Many plumbing experts in Santa Rosa will tell you this is really only a temporary fix. The best drain clog remover is our HydroScrub® system.

It provides the most effective method to clean out rotting food, hair clogs, and other debris while giving the inside of your pipes a thorough cleaning. Highly pressurized water carries the nozzle through, removing the stubborn sludge and grease that traps debris that causes your drains to clog.

Special Problems For Those Septic Systems in Santa Rosa

Septic systems have their own unique way of warning you of an impending septic system backup.

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for warning signs that their septic system may need attention. The first clue may be a gurgling or boiling noise coming from the toilet, which is near the main drain line leading to the septic tank. Other tell-tale signs are a foul odor coming up through shower and tub drains, as well as wastewater that seems to be seeping up from the ground outdoors. If you notice new green grass around your septic system during periods of drought or a strong smell in the air, it could be a sign of trouble.

When a septic system malfunctions and floods your home, it can cause costly damage. Anything touched by sewage must be removed and destroyed, including furniture and walls, insulation, flooring, and more. To prevent such a disaster from occurring, Mr. Rooter of Santa Rosa recommends getting an annual checkup for your septic system. If you see any warning signs as mentioned above, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Having issues with clogged drains in your home? Consult with a professional clogged drain cleaner in Santa Rosa today! Call us or contact us online to request an estimate!

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