Could Your Bathroom Benefit from "His and Her" Sinks?

Black bathroom vanity with two sinks and two round mirrors on the gray wall
From tile to cabinets and even where the tub is placed, renovating a bathroom is no easy task. Among the many decisions you’ll have to make while creating your dream bathroom is whether or not to include a dual vanity.

The Benefits of Two Sinks

More Personal Space

Are you tired of waiting for your partner to be done brushing before you can start? Do you ever wish you didn’t have to share the same toothpaste-filled sink with your little ones? If so, “his and hers” bathroom sinks may be exactly what your bathroom is in need of!

Aesthetic Appeal

Many people simply like the look of double sinks better than one. Two sinks tend to give a more grandiose presence to a bathroom and are a relatively inexpensive way to give your room a high-end look. Dual sinks can also add valuable storage space to a larger bathroom.

Increased Home Value

Most people love the idea of a double vanity, but they’re not exactly standard in many homes. If you’re thinking of selling your home, dual sinks will certainly help to grab prospective buyers’ attention and increase the overall value of your home.

The Disadvantages

Size Challenge in Small Bathrooms

Two sinks tend to look awkward in smaller bathrooms. They may also be unnecessary if the bathroom you’re renovating is on the main floor of your house or rarely used.

Lack of Counter Space

If your counter is just big enough to fit two sinks, it likely won’t be able to hold much else. If you rely on your counter for storage, adding another sink might not be the best decision.


A double vanity certainly isn’t the most expensive thing you can add to a bathroom, but it will still be an additional expense. Because a double vanity requires custom countertops and double the plumbing, cost should still be a factor.

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