The Secret Benefits of Cold Showers

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On a hot, humid day in Wisconsin, getting home to a cool shower is something many of us look forward to. But when the temperature drops to 40 degrees in the winter? Not so much.

While you may not want to make cold showers a daily occurrence, the occasional cool shower might be exactly what you and your home need.

How Cold Showers Affect Your Health

  • Natural energy boost. Trying to cut down on caffeine? Instead of starting your day with a cup of coffee, try a cold shower.
  • Better hair and skin. While hot water may feel better on your skin, it’s not actually better for it. Not only does hot water dry out your skin, leaving it ashy and cracked, but it can open pores and leave you more susceptible to breakouts. Cold water, on the other hand, closes pores and hydrates your skin.
  • Improved immune system. Could a cold shower actually help ward off the sniffles? It looks like it (to some degree)! When you’re cold, your body works harder to keep your core temperature up. When this happens, your metabolic rate increases, which encourages your immune system to release white blood cells.

Cold Showers and Your Home

  • Less humidity. Most homeowners know that humidity in the bathroom equals bad news. From peeling paint to chipping grout, humidity can quickly affect the look of your bathroom.
  • Less chance of mold growth. Where there is water, there is often mold. Because cold showers produce less steam (and therefore humidity) than hot showers, your bathroom won't be as susceptible to mold growth.
If no amount of benefits will encourage you to give up your beloved hot showers, there are still plenty of precautions you can take to protect your bathroom plumbing. Keeping showers down to about 10 minutes, using an exhaust fan, and opening the window will all help lower humidity levels.

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John Donovan

About the Author: John Donovan, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southeast WI

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