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3 Ways To Improve The Safety Of Your Bathroom

This time of year most people are thinking about the weather and how to stay safe and warm. The cold temperatures cause various complications with our day whether it be adding an extra layer of warmth onto the kids before they go to school or, leaving the house a bit earlier to navigate the treacherous road conditions caused by the ice and cold.

However, very few people think about how dangerous it is inside of their home. In fact, thousands of people find themselves in the emergency room every year due to accidents that happened in their home. Most of us know that cuts and burns are hazards of the kitchen, and we take steps to prevent them.

But, not many people know how dangerous the bathroom can be. In fact, January is National Bath Safety month and is meant to make people aware of what kind of accidents can happen in their bathroom and what they can do to prevent them.

Here are some ways that you can improve the safety in your bathroom:

  • Keep your water heater set to no hotter than 120 degrees. This is the ideal temperature for all plumbing tasks in your home including baths and showers. Setting the thermostat higher could result in 2nd to 3rd degree burns.
  • If your children play with bath toys, make sure to scoop them out of the bathtub and let them air dry after every use. Once per week, run the bath toys through the dishwasher to disinfect them. Make sure your children only use bath toys that are meant for the bath and designed to get wet. The water in the bath tub fills with bacteria from our bodies during a bath, and if you don’t air dry the bath toys and disinfect them regularly, you could find yourself with toys full of mildew and mold.
  • Add non-slip mats to both the inside and outside of your bath or shower. Stepping in and out of the bath tub and shower is probably the most hazardous thing you can do in a bathroom. This is the moment with your balance is off, you are standing on one foot, and the floor that you are stepping onto or off of could be slippery with water or bath products. Non-slip mats help to reduce the chance of a slip and fall.

Make sure to implement these tips and more to improve the safety of your bathroom. Child-proof your cupboards and make sure that medications and chemicals are kept out of the reach of children. Reducing the chance of an accident from happening inside of your home will help you and your family to feel safe and comfortable at home.