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Do You Have Toilet Plumbing Problems? We Know What to Do!

The toilet is the most heavily used plumbing fixture in the home. The problems that usually affect a toilet’s function are the working parts inside; they will not last indefinitely and they won’t all wear out at the same time. Constantly in contact with water, the mechanical parts inside the toilet tank eventually corrode or wear out. If one part fails inside the tank – replace corresponding parts to update them because chances are, they are destined to fail sooner or later.

There are two basic mechanisms in a toilet. This series of events constitutes one complete flush. When the handle is tripped, the flush valve, (rubber cone-shaped part that seats over the discharge hole in the bottom of the tank), releases water from the tank to the bowl and the ball cock, (usually brass, it opens and closes to allow water to flow into the tank), opens to fill the tank. Water flows in to refill the tank when the ball cock is opened by lowering the float ball, (newer Fluidmaster ™ units work without a hollow ball that floats on top of the water level). Once the tank is full, the rising float arm closes the valve in the ball cock to stop water from overflowing over the toilet bowl and onto the floor.

Are you concerned about the way your toilet is working and need a local plumber to visit your home for a professional plumbing evaluation? Our highly-trained and knowledgeable experts are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays – both residential and commercial customers are never subject to overtime charges. We can fix it!

Lasting Solutions to Toilet Problems and Repairs

Adjusting or cleaning these mechanisms will solve most minor toilet tank problems, but replacing the ball cock or flush valve is often the only lasting solution. Ball cocks have been updated in design to plastic, water-intake assemblies, (Fluidmaster™ is an example), which eliminates the need for a float ball and float arm, as previously mentioned above. An old-fashioned stopper ball can be replaced with a modern, simple device called a flapper valve.

A serious toilet blockage may require that you remove and reseat the toilet to get at it from underneath – perhaps a full day’s work for a plumber – an entire weekend for most novices. Never use chemical drain openers to clear a clogged toilet. Chemicals are usually ineffective in a toilet and can be dangerous since the heat they produce can crack the bowl or eat away drainpipes.

To prevent clogs, put only toilet paper down the toilet and keep a strict policy about never flushing any of the following things down the toilet:

  • paper towels
  • condoms
  • tobacco products
  • dental floss
  • cotton swabs
  • feminine hygiene products
  • moist wipes

Our professional plumbing experts are available 24/7, weekends and holidays and we will diagnose your residential or commercial bathroom toilet problems. No overtime charges are ever added for our friendly, courteous service. Ask us about our plumbing drain maintenance program designed to keep your drains flowing freely.

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