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Reasons Why You Need Your Water Line Replaced

If you have an older home with something other than plastic or copper pipes in Tacoma, WA, then you may need to have your water line replaced if it is giving you troubles. We can come to inspect your water line and replace it if necessary.

  • If you have rust coming out of your faucet, then you should have your water line replaced and possibly other parts of your plumbing system. Consider having a video inspection to find the rust and see how much of your plumbing system has rust along the pipes.
  • If the water in your house seems like it is constricted or the water volume isn’t good any longer, you could have a leak or minerals in your pipes that don’t allow water to flow freely any longer.
  • If you find a water leak in your home or your yard, then you probably have a break in your water line. Consider having emergency plumbing services and shutting off the water to your home so that you can avoid further damage.
  • If you want a new plumbing system because you purchased your home knowing that it had rust and/or corrosion in the pipes, then we can help you with replacement pipes for your whole house, so it is safe.
  • You may have tree roots pushing your water line around, causing it to crack, or damaging the pipe in some way. You may want to have the roots by your water and sewer lines removed, so you don’t have to get extensive repairs later.

If the pipes in your home are corroded because of hard water, consider getting a water softener to avoid having the problem in the future. Your water will also taste better and have less of an odor if you have a water softener installed. While the softener won’t stop problems in your water line before it reaches your home, it will help the rest of your plumbing.