Essential Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

A stock photo of essential plumbing tools, including a wrench, pliers, and Teflon Tape.

The Upsides of Having a Plumbing Toolkit Nearby

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Virginia Beach, we specialize in tackling complex plumbing issues with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our plumbers are second to none at fixing pipe leaks, bellies, ruptures, and other plumbing issues quickly and effectively. At the same time, we understand that some minor repairs and complications don’t require professional assistance.

You don’t need to be a professional plumber to benefit from owning a basic set of plumbing tools. Sure, many plumbing scenarios require a seasoned expert with specialty equipment. However, there are also simple issues you can handle on your own, such as lightly clogged toilets or drains. These tools will allow you to tackle smaller repair tasks quickly and affordably without relying on a pro. The only cost is the upfront investment of purchasing the equipment.

Here are some plumbing tools every property owner should have in their toolbox:

A Dependable Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is arguably the most traditional plumbing tool. This essential tool will allow you to grip objects (nuts, bolts, piping, etc.) of various shapes and sizes.

A pipe wrench can be used to:

  • Remove and secure piping
  • Tighten or loosen fittings
  • Fit around pipe basins
  • Access hard-to-reach spaces
  • And much more

A Pair of Pliers

There’s nothing more integral when gripping pipes than having a pair of pliers. Plumbing pliers are superior to wrenches for a few key reasons. First, they can be easily adjusted to suit unique situations. They also have an irregular clamp shape that gives you the versatility to tackle specialty tasks. This design creates a more reliable grip on rounded objects (such as pipes, tubes, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures).

Tongue-and-groove pliers are like pipe wrenches but offer specific advantages. They are useful for gripping sump pump pipes and connectors.

A Sturdy Plunger

Plungers come in various shapes and sizes but share the same fundamental design (a rubber suction cup attached to a shaft/handle). Homeowners should have a plunger in their bathroom for when a toilet gets clogged. Keeping a plunger nearby will alleviate embarrassment should a blockage arise while using the restroom. It is also wise to keep a sink plunger handy for blockages in your kitchen sink.

A Cutting-Edge Leak Detection Tool

Unfortunately, leaks are more common than many homeowners may think. To make matters worse, it is often quite challenging to locate a leak. You may have a leak behind your walls or beneath your flooring if you notice unusual mold, skyrocketing water bills, or warped and rotting wood.

Owning a leak detection tool will help you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing whether unwanted stagnant water is lying out of sight. This tool will create an alert when there is moisture nearby. Leak detection tools can be more expensive than other plumbing equipment. Don’t worry if you lack this device: Give our team a call! We can rush to the rescue and use our leak detection instruments and expertise to get to the bottom of the problem swiftly.

A Durable Drain Snake

Drain snakes are easy to operate and very useful in solving clogs and other plumbing issues with minimal effort. The design of a drain snake is simple. It consists of a metal cable coiled into a protective drum. This metal cable is usually about 25ft. long with a corkscrew-type spring (an auger) at its end to help remove stubborn clogs. It does so by digging its sharp end into the blockage to snag and remove the debris. Drain snakes are equally rigid and flexible, allowing them to move through piping with relative fluidity until they reach obstruction and debris. They are highly useful for unclogging toilets and bathtub drains.

Sealants & Teflon Tape

Plumbing requires special sealants. Plumber's tape (aka Teflon tape or thread seal tape) can be a lifesaver for many plumbing tasks. This tape can be applied to pipe threading and connections to stop or prevent pipe leaks. It works like duct tape – only with unique properties that allow it to resist water. Teflon tape is ideal for sealing the surfaces between pipes.

Tubing Cutter Pipe Cutters

Pipe cutters will allow you to cut copper water lines cleanly and efficiently with three easy steps:

  1. Open the cutting disc’s mouth
  2. Place the cutting disc around the copper pipe
  3. Tighten the cutting disc

We recommend rotating your pipe cutter’s sharp wheel repeatedly around the pipe. This method will help create a clean cut that will be easier to sand or solder. You can alternatively use a Tubing cutter to make a clean cut through copper.

When Your Tools Are Not Up to Task, Call a Pro

Buying just a few plumbing tools and learning how to apply them to plumbing tasks can help you solve routine clogs and leaks affordably and easily. For daunting plumbing tasks, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Virginia Beach is your local solution! Our expert plumbers have the skills, qualifications, education, and mastery you need to ensure your plumbing system runs smoothly.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation. We’ll rush to your property, assess the situation, and offer an upfront estimate right away!