Testimonials for Plumbers in Wichita, KS

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  • “They were quick to respond to my call for service, called when repairman was on the way, and the repairman came when they said he would. Their office also called to follow up on the service call within an hour. All service I would expect of a professional...but because they only reset the water heater to resume operation...they didn’t even charge for a service call. Amazing! I know, from experience, that doesn’t happen very often. Any future plumbing service we need, we will get from Mr. Rooter. Our service man was Mr. Weakly! Awesome job!”

    Carol A. , Wichita, KS

  • “Fast, courteous, efficient service by Brad, the technician who came to fix my problem. Will definitely use them in the future when I am having plumbing issues.”

    Sandra N. , Wichita, KS

  • “I've been with another company for years. My sewer line gave out after finding out it was hit when replacing the gas line. The company I've been with quoted me a outrageous amount. They made me feel belittled. I called Mr. Rooter for another quote and I'm so glad I did. They were at my home quick and came up with a game plan that was reasonable both in cost and not tearing up my whole yard. The whole staff was wonderful and cared about me, my home, the issue and cost. They definitely gained a new customer this week!!”

    Henry D. , Wichita, KS

  • “I had a MAJOR sewer problem. Called Mr. Rooter and they were there within the hour. The staff was very professional and located a major problem. Less than 24 hours later, my house is up and running again at a very reasonable price. I won't use anybody but Mr. Rooter in the future!”

    K. H. , Wichita, KS

  • “The sump pump had been running constantly for the past couple of years. There was water standing close to the house so I figured it was recycling. I couldn't decide whether to call the well people, the sprinkler people, the Public Works department, or a plumber so I would feel confused and overwhelmed and do nothing. I finally decided to start with Mr Rooter. Brent came out and started trouble shooting, discovered the problem (a cracked fitting) and set about to get the problem remedied. He called Blake as it was a two man job and they worked several hours until the problem was fixed. The guys were very courteous and kept me apprised of all they were doing, The sump pump is now quiet, the standing water is drained and I am very happy with the way Mr. Rooter took care of business for me. I have been singing their praises all week-end.”

    Shirley F. , Wichita, KS

  • “Jeremy was fabulous to work with! He was on time, meticulous to detail, and helped us diagnose the issue quickly. I would highly recommend Mr. Rooter in the future and greatly appreciate their off-hours availability.”

    Teresa P. , Andover, KS

  • “We were very happy with the quick response, great customer service, and very reasonable price we received when Mr. Rooter Plumbing fixed the leak we found in our basement. I will definitely be recommending this company to all my family and friends for their plumbing needs!”

    Paula B. , Wichita, KS

  • “I couldn't believe the promptness after making the appointment. The serviceman was friendly, informative, and very knowledgeable. He told me my options and informed me of everything he would do and was doing. I would use them again and definitely recommend them to others.”

    Gary M. , Rose Hill, KS

  • “Excellent work!”

    C. W. , Wichita, KS

  • “I called around 9 AM and spoke with a very lovely young lady. She was able to get someone out to me this afternoon, same day. The technician who showed up, Blake Gregory, was very polite. He listened to what my problem was with the water heater and assured me that he could take care of it. He very quickly solved the problem and I was extremely happy. Blake gave me some words of advice about the water heater. As I stated before, he was quick, very pleasant and a very polite person. Thank you Blake! A happy satisfied customer!”

    Vicky M. , Wichita, KS

  • “We had a non working sump pump after receiving over 3 inches of rain. We called Mr. Rooter Plumbing and they were able to come out that day. The technician tried to get the pump to work, telling us he didn't want to replace it if he could fix it. After several attempts, it was decided it was fried and needed replacement. 30 minutes later we had a new working pump. The technician was very professional, kind, and we felt trustworthy. We are very pleased with this service!”

    Jo S.

  • “In less than 24 hours I had a very friendly serviceman at our home and our situation was not even an emergency! I appreciated the professionalism of our serviceman and his honesty. Thank you!!!”

    Laurie B.

  • “The last thing you want an hour before you go out of town is to have your main sewer back up into the house. We called Mr Rooter Plumbing and they were able to get out right away and informed us that we needed a full sewer replacement. We couldn't be happier with the experience and professionalism of the servicemen that came out to take down part of our fence and replace the line. The great thing is my yard still looks great because they replaced it by "trench-less." Thank you Scott, Jeremy and Stan for doing such a great job. I highly recommend Mr Rooter Plumbing of Wichita to all of my friends and family.”

    Mike A.

  • “Recently while doing some major work on the house the main water shutoff to the house failed to turn back on. Contacted another plumbing company who came 5 hours later and then decided, without looking at the crawl space that he could not fit and could not fix it. He offered to call the office and get a smaller guy. I declined! Contacted Mr. Rooter and they were able to get Brian there early Sunday morning. Despite having issues with the city water meter not shutting off completely he stayed on it and completed the job. When we turned the water back on we found an old shutoff valve in the house that was dripping. He offered to get a new valve out of the truck and take care of it. One heck of a good guy and worth every cent we paid! I will definitely be calling them first from now on.”

    Clarence A.

  • “From courteously greeting me when I first called, to the very cheerful, professional technician who arrived promptly as promised, this company sets the bar very high. This is the second time I have needed their service and they didn't disappoint. I have a leak which thus far is problematic in locating, but Jeremy explained what steps will be taken to diagnose the situation. He made sure I understood the "whats and whys" we will be trying. It is reassuring to feel taken care of in a complicated situation.”

    Shirley L.

  • “We were faced with a very difficult sewer replacement. Frustrated by high estimates and un-returned phone calls by several other companies, Scott the owner with Mr. Rooter not only offered the right solutions, but also personally supervised the job! We are very satisfied and would gladly recommend them to all and will used them for any future plumbing needs.”

    Kathy L.

  • “We called Mr. Rooters on a Tuesday evening at about 8 pm. The technician was very prompt and got to our house within the hour. He had to dig around the back of the house looking for a main drain clean out, after not finding one he had to snake out the drains. He ran about 40 ft of snake into the drains and upon removal it worked! He was polite, honest, and upfront about all of the costs that may be incurred from his visit. They even have a service contract that will give you discounts on the services! I would highly recommend Mr. Rooters to anyone in need of a plumber.”

    Brooke F.

  • “Mr Rooter is a great business owned and operated by very honest people. They treated me right and I trust the work they did to replace my water heater. The tech that came was very polite and knowledgeable. I will call them again for any plumbing requirements in the future.”

    Casey C.

  • “Staff were professional and friendly. Did a great job at a good price. I highly recommend!”

    Heather S.

  • “Customer service was excellent. Called and initially was told plumber would be at my home within the next 4-6 hours. Instead, they were there in approximately 2 hours. Service was wonderful and plumbers explained what the problem was and what needed to be done. Very satisfied and will definitely use this business again.”

    Debra M.

  • “Mike was very knowledgeable and professional. We had used him before and asked for him this time. there was a little problem, not Mike's fault, and he came back and fixed it promptly.”

    Lynn J.

  • “I have used Mr. Rooter for several years on my plumbing needs. The routine items that I have previously tried to fix, they handle effectively. The emergency service calls are answered promptly and scheduled very well. Mr Rooter plumbing technicians are professional and listen to the home owner before taking a look They recognize the experience you had before you called will save them time and get to the correct solution. The office staff is courteous and professional. I have learned to trust this company.”

    John N.

  • “On a Sunday when the water in the plumbing of my whole house was backing up, I needed help quickly. After a couple calls for help, one booked till the next day and the other with no response at all, I called Mr. Rooter Plumbing. They promised help within the next 2 hours. A immediate return call from them had a service technician at the house within the hour. He successfully opened a tree root obstruction over 100ft from the house at the main sewer tap. After some dialog he eluded to a potential problem at the main sewer connection. I asked him to return the next day with a camera to look down the piping so we could discuss further repairs if necessary. He returned the next day with the camera, we saw the problem and decided to make repairs requiring excavation and fixing as necessary. By 8AM the next morning a team of service personnel arrived. They had excavating equipment to dig down 10ft, repair the problem and city inspection scheduled for 10AM. The job completed by 10:30AM. Mr. Rooter service is quick, their Service Personnel are knowledgeable and friendly, the work excellent. I would recommend Mr. Rooter Plumbing to anyone with any plumbing issues.”

    Dennis R.

  • “I had my main lateral sewer line replaced. Two days after Christmas. Scott & his crew did a "great" job. They were polite, knowledgeable & explained the entire process as they went. After watching the work they performed I realized they earned, & were worth, every penny they charged. They ensured that all permits were "pulled" & that the new line was inspected & approved by the City of Wichita. The entire process took 1 day (about 7 hours) & my sewer problems are solved. Although I hope I never have to use them again, if the need arises I would call them without hesitation.”

    Joe F.

  • “I have used Mr. Rooter almost exclusively for several years because their people are reliable, professional and knowledgeable. They show up on time and always call if a scheduling problem pops up to let you know when they will arrive. I recently used their services again for replacement of a lift pump and was very pleased with the professionalism and high quality service. I highly recommend them to anyone with a residential plumbing issue.”

    Jim G.

  • “We woke up at 3am to our kitchen flooded from an ice maker line. Mr Rooter sent Jesse and Earnest to install a shut off valve behind the fridge and replaced the water lines to make it easier to turn the water off instead of getting into a very very small crawl space to shut it off or turning the main water supply off to the house. The service techs came in wearing shoe covers and placed a nice rug in front of our door and made sure not to track mud into the house. They also laid plastic down in the crawl space since it was quite wet and were very careful not to make a mess. We are very happy with the work and we will be calling Mr Rooter for our future plumbing needs.”

    Mike A.

  • “I called on Sunday after lunch, they were here before 3PM. Great service, Jeremy did an outstanding job, quick and efficient.”

    Clara L.

  • “This is the second time we have used Mr. Rooter. The first time was a new water line, they did a great job. This time we needed a new inside for the stool. Great job. Works great. Would use them again.”

    April D.

  • “My water heater began to slowly leak so I called the number listed on the tank. Scott answered the phone and said he could come replace it that afternoon and it would be $1300 installed! I didn't want to spend that much money so I declined and began to research my warranty options. Our house was less than 6 years old! Please note the leak was ever so slight so I figured I had time. Not to mention it was a long Labor Day Holiday Weekend! Conveniently the warranty period begins from date of manufacture or the installation date (If you have receipt/documentation showing proof of installation). My warranty had expired according to DOM, however Scott had record of installation over 1 year later which retained my warranty and allowed me to receive an "upgraded" (New government efficiency requirements) tank at no charge! Scott was extremely helpful during this process and took care of EVERYTHING quickly! Meanwhile the original leak increased to a minor emergency by Wednesday and we no longer had hot water. That's when Scott went into overdrive to ensure I had a replacement delivered quickly! He worked with his rep to get a replacement tank and have his installers come by within 24 hours. My only complaint is that my bill for installation and upgrade cost for the new tank was a grand total of $700! My installer (Dan) was great also. Thanks for the expert help to the folks at Mr. Rooter. And thanks for keeping good installation records!”

    Nature Boy.

  • “Hot water heater gave out, water everywhere and reaching the carpet in our family room. Scott saved the day by immediate service, competent and full explanation of what we needed. One phone call and he had a crew here within the hour. Courteous and polite, we had hot water within hours. Did have to return as a coupling sprung a leak but back they came and had it under control. Only one piece of advise would be to clean up a bit better but not a huge thing. Thanks guys, I will recommend you to all I know!”

    Cindy C.

  • “I was told by another business it would be $99 for a diagnostic plus time and parts. Mr Rooter had no diagnostic fee and completed the job in a short time. I would highly recommend Mr Rooter plumbing”

    Gary B.

  • “From the phone call to the service call everyone was friendly and professional. The guy who came was considerate of our home and a very nice person.”

    Jill R.

  • “One of the sinks in our master bathroom was plugged big time. Had cleaned out the "goose neck" and tried the pipe going back behind the wall. With the few tools we had it was obvious we couldn't get it unplugged. We had complained about the draining of the sink from the first day we moved in to our new home 8 years ago and was told that was the way it was. Well now, over time it got so bad that it just wouldn't drain. We called Mr. Rooter Plumbing and they made arrangements to come out fairly quickly. The young man that came was very pleasant, went right to work, and had finished the job in less than an hour. Thanks to everyone at Mr. Rooter Plumbing for your help!”

    Janelle & Dick B.

  • “The work done by the Mr. Rooter team was very professional and expert. They had come a first time and didn't resolve the problem. But the second time, the problem was found and then expertly solved. I'm very thankful for their work. The bill exceeded a bit what they gave as a verbal estimate, but the end result was exceedingly fine.”

    Lynne D.

  • “The technicians were very professional and courteous. They reviewed the problem and knew what was required to fix it and accomplished the repair in a timely manner.”

    Vic S.

  • “They arrived promptly and worked on our problem. We had a larger issue with our floor drain and the guys got it all repaired in a few days. Very happy with their work.”

    Raul B.

  • “JD the service tech was friendly courteous knowledgeable and professional a good employee if i say so. The service was great and an open change from all the unprofessional employees in all other work places.”

    kory r.

  • “My wife was so stressed about our kitchen sink not working properly because she needed to bake a cake over the weekend that we called Mr. Rooter's emergency weekend service. The lady answering the phone was very polite and seemed to understand my wife's dilemma. I told her that we were having an emergency and she said that she would send a plumber that day after he finished a few other calls. The plumber showed up and couldn't of been any nicer and promptly found the problem with the kitchen sink faucet. In fact he was so nice that he offered his services for free because he said that our problem was not considered an emergency. We insisted on paying him though and my wife was extremely happy to have water again to make her cake. Thank you Mr. Rooter!”

    Andrew H.