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As a property owner, you likely juggle a wide array of maintenance and repairs to keep your home or business comfortable and dependable. You may have a long list of future projects, or you may be working to improve multiple areas of your residential or commercial property at the same time. With these extensive responsibilities and obligations, an emergency plumbing issue can throw a wrench in your plans with little to no warning.

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As highly experienced emergency plumbers, our team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Bradenton understands how an overflowing toilet or burst pipe can disrupt both your day and your monthly budget. We will work with the sense of urgency, close attention to detail, and unparalleled skill you need to get your property back in top shape as soon as possible.

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When Should I Call 24-Hour Plumbers?

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Certain plumbing issues require immediate attention from our licensed 24-hour plumber.

Here are some situations that require an emergency call:

  1. Burst Pipes. A burst pipe can cause extensive water damage to your property. It requires immediate attention to minimize flooding and prevent further damage.
  2. Sewer Line Backups. If your sewer line is blocked or backed up, sewage can flood inside your home or property. This is a health hazard and requires immediate professional assistance.
  3. Gas Leaks. If you detect a strong gas odor or suspect a gas leak, it's crucial to evacuate the premises and call the gas company. Gas leaks are highly dangerous and require immediate attention to ensure safety.
  4. Water Heater Failure. Leaking water heater or no hot water? We can diagnose and repair the issue promptly.
  5. No Running Water. Have you suddenly lost water throughout your home? You might have an issue with the main water line or water pressure tank. We can assess the situation and restore the water as quickly as possible.

Plumbing emergencies aren’t fun and are, frankly, downright stressful. But we’re here to help at 5 PM on a Friday, over the weekend, and on holidays. Whether you're an Airbnb and Vrbo® host or a resident, our fast, courteous emergency plumbers are just one call away.

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Emergency Services for Homeowners and Business Owners

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American uses 88 gallons of water in their home per day. Even more shocking is the fact that the average family wastes 180 gallons per week due to leaks.

With this much water flowing through every building on a constant basis, wear and tear is an expected consequence. Without proper routine maintenance, small issues can grow to eventually require massive overhauls and complete replacement of piping systems. While we will always recommend and fulfill the maintenance your systems need, we provide emergency plumbing services to handle the unexpected. In our years of experience, we have learned that emergencies don’t wait, and neither can the response.

Businesses often use an even greater quantity of water every day. Restaurants, for example, use an estimated 3,000-7,000 gallons daily. Issues with plumbing systems in commercial buildings affect not just comfort and convenience but also the company-client relationship. Overflowing toilets, sewage issues, and floods in kitchen areas will affect both your reputation and your health code ratings during inspections. Our emergency plumbers take pride in our work because we know what is at stake if you are a business owner. We also adapt to your commercial setting to cause as little disruption to your clientele as possible.

Some of the most common emergency issues we handle in both homes and businesses include:

  • Clogged drains
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaks or bursts
  • Septic system repairs
  • Sewage backup

No matter the type of property you own or the plumbing issue you have, our emergency plumbers will closely evaluate your systems and diagnose the problem using advanced equipment and well-practiced methods.

Is It Worth Hiring an Emergency Plumber?

When you are experiencing an urgent plumbing issue, you may consider attempting to DIY to save money. However, you may only address the symptoms temporarily, rather than the source of the issue. There is also the possibility of doing more harm than good. Emergency plumbers can diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs to restore your comfort and peace of mind. Our experienced team is equipped with state-of-the-art plumbing tools to provide high-quality emergency repair services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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Why Choose Us?

Bradenton and surrounding areas have no shortage of plumbers, but we have earned a reputation as leaders in the industry. Although we have locations throughout the country, we maintain the neighborly, personalized feel of a locally-owned company.

Here are a few reasons why so many residential and commercial property owners come to us during a crisis:

  • We are a team of fully licensed and insured emergency plumbers
  • Every member of our team provides polite and respectful service
  • We are fully staffed in order to provide the immediate support our customers need in an emergency situation
  • We offer in-home estimates and upfront, flat-rate pricing
  • Our pricing remains the same, even when we work overtime or on weekends and holidays
  • We have a steady base of regulars who highly recommend our work

Whether we arrive at one in the afternoon or one in the morning, we will be punctual, uniform, friendly, and committed to providing exceptional emergency services in a timely manner.

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You work hard to keep your family comfortable and your customers satisfied. Let us do the dirty work so you can focus on what’s most important. We are more than prepared to handle any plumbing issue you have, and we look forward to caring for your home or business with the care and attention to detail it needs.

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