Sewer Line Repair in East Central Georgia

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services

Are you experiencing sewer line repair and replacement issues? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of East Central Georgia offers reliable and efficient services for all your sewer line repairs needs. We expertly inspect, diagnose, repair and replace damaged sewer lines so that your home or businesses can ultimately save time and money. Our latest technology combined with our experience allows us to provide high-quality workmanship quickly so that the problem is resolved in timely manner.

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Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of East Central Georgia for your Sewer Line Repair?

  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available - We are accessible around-the-clock since we are aware that problems with water heater installation might arise at any moment, day or night.
  • Our client testimonials- We let our clients speak for themselves. To find out more about our sewer line repair & replacement services, see our reviews here.
  • Guaranteed Parts & Labor - While we are very confident in the sewer line repair & replacement services we offer, occasionally things don't go as planned, just like with your plumbing system. We stand behind our workmanship with a thirty (30) day Done Right Promise related to drain cleaning, a ninety (90) day Done Right Promise on repair workmanship and one (1) year Done Right Promise on replacement workmanship for residential clients, and a thirty (30) day Done Right Promise on all workmanship for commercial clients.
  • Cleanliness - When our crew enters your home, we'll make every effort to keep it as clean as possible. We take great care to keep our office environment spotless, using everything from protective mats to the appropriate footwear.
  • Utmost Professionalism - We have a group of licensed, knowledgeable, and neighborhood plumbers who can handle just about any water heater installation task you require.
  • Customer satisfaction - We promise to do everything in our power to meet your needs, no matter what service you receive from us. Till you are ecstatic and content with every aspect of our services, we won't give up.
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Some of the issues our sewer repair experts can fix include:

  • Burst pipes
  • Pipe relining
  • Pipe maintenance

Frequently asked questions about sewer repair

How do you know if your sewer line is damaged?

The most common sign of a damaged sewer line is slow draining in several areas of the home—such as sinks, toilets and bathtubs—that cannot be fixed by using chemical drain cleaners or plungers. Other signs include an odd smell coming from the drains, visible cracks along the foundation of the home, patches of lush grass or plants growing at unexpected times in parts of the yard not exposed to water irrigation or rainwater runoff, and consistent backups throughout multiple plumbing fixtures in the house. If you notice any of these signs in your home, it is important to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of East Central Georgia as soon as possible for an inspection and assessment.

How serious is a crack in the sewer line?

A crack in a sewer line can range from minor damage that requires minor repairs all the way up to serious damage requiring complete replacement of a large section of pipe. It all depends on how severe the crack is; what caused it; where it’s located; whether there are other issues present; and if root intrusion has occurred due to tree roots entering through broken parts of pipe. To accurately assess how serious a crack in a sewer line really is, it’s important to have Mr. Rooter Plumbing of East Central Georgia inspect it as soon as possible so we can recommend the best solution moving forward.

How do you know when your sewer line needs to be replaced?

there are several conditions that will require replacing rather than repairing a damaged or broken sewer line such as age (if older than 50 years), tree root infiltration causing major blockages or breaks, corrosion and rust due to old metal pipes degrading over time due to chemical reactions with soil content and water chemistry levels found in soil types within certain geographical regions.

In addition, significant sags or offsets can cause weakened sewage lines due to gravity pulling down on them over time which causes undue stress on connections joining multiple sections together at various angles around corners or bends along its path from house outwards towards city main sewers. It is always best practice for homeowners with older homes where original pipes may still exist from when built decades ago to have their lines inspected every 1-2 years so preventative measures can be taken before more costly repairs become necessary due too much damage already being incurred during normal usage throughout year's passing by without proper attention paid towards maintenance required on such systems until then unfortunately!

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