Toilet Replacement Tips for Homeowners in Everett, WA

Remove and replace your toilet

From performing a simple toilet repair or replacement, to winterizing a house, the bottom line is the same: to get the water out. According to your local Everett plumber, avoid using metal objects to bale out the water – the metal will leave gray marks on the porcelain.

Many toilet repairs will require to drain the tank and bowl. You may believe you can get by without this step,(and some repairs don’t actually require it), says Mr. Rooter – but for repairs that do, taking time to remove the standing water from the tank and bowl will save you from working and cleaning up an aggravated mess.

Mr. Rooter Tip of the Week

Tip #1 Turn the tank stop valve off.

Tip #2 If the valve is stuck, use adjustable pliers to loosen the nut under the handle. Close the valve and re-tighten the nut.

Tip #3 Check and fix leaks before you go any further with your repair.

Tip #4 Flush the toilet and hold the handle down several seconds longer than normal to drain the tank.

Tip #5 Using a towel, mop out any left over water in the tank.

Tip #6 Ring out the towel and push it back into the tank, repeating the process to get out as much water as possible. Be careful not to put pressure on the tank mechanisms or bend them. Then using a small plastic container dip the water out of the bowl.

Plumbing Trade Secrets: Use something pliable when removing the water in the tank; an empty margarine or cottage cheese container works well. Dip out as much water as you can. No matter how much bailing you do, however, there will be a couple of inches of water left in the bowl. Use a towel or an old rag to absorb it.