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5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Save Water

Mar 16, 2016

Every month, millions of gallons of water are wasted around the Country. Some of this is because of broken plumbing or even poorly planned plumbing. But, most of it is due to behavior of using water for things when it could be easily conserved or reduced.

A big portion of your plumbing...Read more

3 Reasons Your Toilet Will Clog

Feb 29, 2016

Most any problem with your plumbing system is going to be an inconvenience. A clogged sink will make it difficult to get anything done in the kitchen and, a leaking shower head can make your water bill much bigger than it needs to be. But, a malfunctioning toilet is not just an inconvenience –...Read more

The Most Common Garbage Disposal Failures

Feb 15, 2016

February is the month when many people think about how to celebrate the day of love – Valentine’s Day. Some like to do something really big and go out for a specially planned day. While others, prefer just doing something at home that is small and sincere.

For instance, if you are...Read more

Is Your Bathroom Child-Proofed Properly?

Jan 31, 2016

With winter in full swing and all of the holidays behind us, many people start to turn their focus to the weather this time of year. The cold temperatures make getting out of the house a little more difficult each day.

No one likes going out in the cold, and coming home to a warm house...Read more

Are You Ready To Save Water And Money In The New Year?

Jan 11, 2016

With the beginning of a new year here, many people are starting to reflect on the previous 12 months and plan for how they will change or improve in 2016.

New Year’s resolutions are a big part of one year rolling over into another and a majority of the population admits to making them....Read more

How To Protect Your Kitchen Drain From Holiday Use

Dec 17, 2015

As you are in the kitchen this holiday season, preparing and cleaning up meals for your friends and family, make sure that you are being thoughtful about how you are using your plumbing fixtures and appliances.

The parts and pieces of your plumbing system are designed and manufactured to...Read more

Holiday Shopping Is Not Just For Electronics

Dec 2, 2015

This time of year is known for shopping and eating … both leave you ready for a nap! But, if you are one of the thousands that are going to be out shopping the holiday sales in town this month – why not check the prices on plumbing accessories?

It doesn’t sound like something that should...Read more

Is Your Water Heater Ready For Extra Work?

Nov 5, 2015

Over the summer months, it is easy to let the housework go to the wayside in favor of spending time outdoors in the warm weather. But, in the cold weather months people come indoors out of the cold, and those corners of clutter and disorganization just won’t do.

Along with your list of...Read more

Replace A Toilet

Aug 18, 2015

Remove and replace your toilet...Read more

Installing A New Toilet Seat, For An Instant Bathroom Facelift

Feb 13, 2015

Bolt-on toilet seats have been standard installation for just about as long as toilets have been around. Replacing a bolt-on unit can be accomplished...Read more

Is The Water In My Toilet Clean?

Jan 22, 2015

Many people are understandably reluctant to touch the water in a toilet. With a few precautions, however, contact with unsanitary water can be avoided. It may surprise most homeowners to find out that the water in the tank, is clean (potable) water suitable to drink (just ask your dog Fido...Read more

Pumpkin Seeds & Pulp Down your Garbage Disposal? Absolutely Not! Says Your Local Everett Plumber

Oct 29, 2014

With Halloween upon us it is safe to say that the summer weather has officially passed for the year and fall is here to stay. This time of year means carving jack o’ lanterns, apple festivals, and preparing dense breads and hearty soups.

Meal preparation and clean-up in your kitchen can...Read more

Is your Plumbing ready for the soon to be Holiday season?

Oct 6, 2014

With the holiday season just a month or so away, many of us are anticipating and planning for family visitors and preparing large meals. This means extra work for your home’s plumbing system. Rather than getting caught off guard when that seemingly simple little drip in the bathroom faucet leads...Read more

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