The Most Prevalent Causes of Low Water Pressure in Everett, WA

Low water pressure in one or more areas in a home can be caused by a host of different reasons. Even though water pressure problems can appear in many ways, knowing some of the most common causes of low water pressure can help you get to the source of the problem. Take a look at the following most prevalent causes of low water pressure in Everett, Washington.

Debris Stuck Inside Pipes

Sediment and mineral deposits often accumulate in water pipes over time, which is one of the most common ways low water pressure develops in homes. While your entire line might not be impaired, your pipes are still prone to accumulating a buildup of sediment, as water leaves minerals behind in pipes as it flows throughout the system.

You can inspect for an accumulation of sediment in your pipes by looking closely at your faucets. If the bulk of your faucets are experiencing low water pressure, there is most likely another problem because clogs do not typically develop in multiple areas in a home. Getting your pipes professionally cleaned can help free them of sediment and mineral deposits in the most effective manner possible.

Closed Valves

Low water pressure in several different spaces in a home or in central areas might indicate that a water valve has been closed or is on the verge of failing. To investigate this issue, look at your water valve and open it if it's closed. The valve is often located adjacent to the intake water lines and near the faucets. Though getting a replacement valve is usually not needed, you should check the pressure release valve and your main water valve as well.

Pipes That Are Too Small

If your home has several bathrooms and appliances that get used on an everyday basis by several people, this can reduce your water pressure if the central pipe responsible for the flow of water into your home is too small. The best way to tackle this issue is to get a larger pipe that has the ability to effectively transfer water into your home.

About the Author: Vincent Sposari, Mr Rooter of Everett

Vinnie has been a trusted plumber since 1989 and a Mr. Rooter owner since 1992. With over 31 years to back him, Vinnie has experience with a wide range of plumbing related solutions and systems. He and his team specialize in plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, and more.