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Are you hearing gurgling sounds or experiencing multiple clogged drains? You might have some issues with your sewer line. Not to worry, though - our licensed and reputable plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Fairfield County are here to help.

We understand the stress these issues can cause. That's why we provide quick service and transparent pricing for all sewer line repairs. Sewer line problems often require immediate attention - we're here for you 24/7 and there are no additional charges for overtime.

Do you need sewer repairs in Fairfield, CT? We can help - call or request your service online now. We’re licensed and insured.

6 Indications of Sewer Line Trouble: Tips for Early Detection

To avoid major sewer line emergencies, it's essential to identify signs of sewer line issues as soon as possible.

Look out for these key indicators that may signal problems with your sewer line:

  • Multiple Drain Clogs. Are you experiencing multiple clogged or slow drains simultaneously? Since all drains connect to the sewer line, a damaged sewer line can affect the entire plumbing system in your home.
  • Sewage Backups. If you encounter raw sewage backup in your home, it is a strong indication of a sewer line issue that needs immediate attention.
  • Toilet Bowl Water Level Fluctuation. Significant or fluctuating changes in your toilet water level when not in use can potentially signify a problem in the sewer line.
  • Sewage Odors. If you detect foul sewer odors lingering around your drains, toilets, or outdoor areas, it could be a sign of a sewer line problem, such as a crack or leak.
  • Gurgling Noises. Strange gurgling sounds coming from your drains or toilets might mean your drain lines aren't venting, forming a vacuum. Improper venting could be due to a sewer line clog or damage.
  • Wet Yard. Have you noticed unusual puddles in your yard? This could be a sign that your sewer line has broken underground.

If you observe any of these warning signs, don't hesitate to contact us today. It is crucial to address these problems promptly to prevent further damage. With our expertise and state-of-the-art tools, we can either repair or replace your sewer line. In some cases, a thorough sewer line cleaning may be all that is needed to resolve the issue.

To schedule your sewer repair service in Fairfield, call us or request your estimate online. We’re here to help you anytime.

Your Trusted Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement Solutions

First, we’ll perform a sewer line inspection. One of our go-to tests is sticking a camera down your sewer line to locate the clog or damaged pipe. From there, we’ll know what we’re dealing with and put together a repair plan.

Based on our findings, your sewer repair solutions may include:

  • Sewer Line Cleaning. If your sewer line is clogged, we can probably use a drain auger or hydro jetter to dislodge the clog and clean your sewer line. We’ll reinspect the pipe to make sure it’s draining property.
  • Sewer Pipe Relining. For minor sewer line damage, we can reline your existing pipe with an exposing coating. This is a trenchless sewer repair option that essentially creates a new pipe inside the existing pipe.
  • Sewer Pipe Bursting. For more extensive damage, pipe bursting may be an effective option. Using a hydraulic system, we’ll use a machine that bursts your old sewer line and simultaneously pulls in the new sewer line. This is another minimally invasive repair and replacement option.
  • Excavation. In some cases, the best option is digging a trench and reinstalling a new sewer line.

Once we’ve inspected the issue, we’ll review all pricing and repair options with you. You won’t be surprised by hidden fees or surprises at the end.

We Warranty Our Fairfield Sewer Line Repairs

For your peace of mind, we’ll warranty your sewer line repair or replacement as per our Neighborly Done Right Promise. We want you to be 100% confident in choosing us. So, we promise to get your job done right.

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