A burst pipe spraying a jet of high-pressure water from the damaged side of the line

What To Do When You Have a Burst Pipe in Fort Worth TX

Unexpected burst pipes can be very disastrous for Fort Worth homeowners, especially when they’re not noticed until water damage slowly seeps through your drywall. In more extreme cases, it could flood your bathroom or backyard. That’s when you know the biggest damage has already taken place.

Unnoticed Fort Worth burst pipes don’t just cause catastrophic damage to your home. You could also lose over one thousand gallons of water within 24 hours. Your expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth are here to help you identify the signs of a burst pipe and equip you with valuable preventative measures that you can take to avoid these terrible mishaps. Whether you need expert advice or professional repairs from a Fort Worth plumber, we’re here to help!

Common Causes of a Fort Worth Burst Pipe

If you know your home well, you will immediately notice something out of the ordinary, whether your walls suddenly smell funky or your water pressure is lower than usual. Causes aren’t always due to lack of maintenance, but watching out for these potential warning signs will help you plan ahead a lot better.


Clogs are some of the most unpleasant nuisances Fort Worth homeowners have to deal with, especially if the usual plunger and snake trick doesn’t solve the problem. A backed-up toilet is the most common and noticeable because it’s closely connected to the main drain. But if your secondary drains (shower, tub or sink) are gurgling or exuding sewer gas smells, you likely have a clogged main drain. Since increased pressure can cause a burst pipe, it’s important to call your local plumber in Fort Worth immediately—before you need emergency sewer line repair.

Pro Tip: Before a specialist arrives, you can help your main drain release some of the pressure by locating the cleanout, which is often located in the lowest area in your home or outside. Look for a short pipe with a cap on it. They give plumbers easy access to cleaning blockages and by unscrewing the cap, you might be able to release some of the pressure. If water does spill out, it’s most likely because of a main drain clog.

Frozen pipes

It’s a misconception to think of Fort Worth as hot and humid throughout the year. The truth is the weather can change quickly in the winter. Even a polar vortex has stretched into the city before, triggering low pressure and cold air. Pipes and fixtures can freeze when temperatures drop below freezing—especially if they’re outdoors or uninsulated. It’s important to note that frozen pipes don’t necessarily burst, but they could rupture as a result of the water pressure that flows through them in a rush while they’re highly sensitive.

Pro Tip: It's good to let water drip from the faucet to prevent pipes from freezing. Also, it helps to clear the fluid in your garden hose and monitor non-heated areas in your home or any uninsulated outdoor pipes.


Not only does corrosion trigger buildup and clogs, but it’s also one of the main causes of bursts. Metal pipes are most susceptible to these problems and need to be appropriately maintained to avoid compromises. The most common cause for corrosion is aging because many older properties built in the 1930s used cast iron for their plumbing systems. Corroded pipes inevitably deteriorate further and could make your water unsafe for consumption, but bursts are also common complications.

Pro Tip: If you live in an old house with metal pipes in your plumbing system, we recommend regular checkups and Fort Worth drain cleaning services to help extend your system’s lifespan. Although cast iron might last up to 100 years, it highly depends on weather and soil conditions. When unsure how your home’s overall plumbing performance is doing, your local plumber in Fort Worth is happy to complete a diagnosis and let you know if it might be time for replacement.

Soil shifting

This is an example of a cause that’s beyond your control, because when your home settles due to shifting soil, you won’t always know if it has affected our lines. And it may not be the only thing you worry about because foundation damage also poses great danger. Cracked walls and floors can be minor during something like a house settling, but seismic activities like earthquakes or even nearby construction will increase the overall threat of bursts.

If you have a new home and notice uneven floors and cracks in the wall after a few years, it’s likely your house is settling. We recommend consulting a foundation specialist to inspect the interior and a certified plumber to look at your plumbing system.

Signs Of a Fort Worth Burst Pipe and What Actions to Take

Signs of burst pipes may seem minor at first, but they can actually take their toll faster than you think, depending on the severity.

Unstable Water Pressure

Water pressure changes in the shower or when you flush your toilet often hint towards clogs and leaks, which means that a Fort Worth burst pipe could be the main reason for those pressure changes.

Discolored Walls

Do you hear dripping noises in the walls? If your exterior walls and roof don’t show signs of moisture damage, it could be your pipes. Because most lines run behind our walls, watermarks are a clear sign of nasty leaks and bursts.


Standing water near plumbing fixtures— such as under the sink or by the toilet—may seem minimal at first, but they merely indicate that there are underlying issues that need immediate attention.

Contaminated Water

If burst pipes go unnoticed, they could enable rust particles and other contaminants to enter your water. Pay attention to the smells in your house because they could also indicate a sewage leak. If you smell rotten eggs, do not wait to call a professional.

Musty smell

Excess moisture will encourage mildew growth as well as other issues, which you will identify through musty smells near wet patches on walls and ceilings. They can also trigger allergies and respiratory problems.

Increased Energy Bill

If your water usage habits haven’t changed but your bill has increased significantly, there might be something wrong with your plumbing system. If you can’t find any leaks or damage and are not sure how to go about searching, consider calling a professional. Our experienced team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth has the necessary tools and expertise to perform a full investigation.

How Do I Fix a Fort Worth Burst Pipe?

The first step to take is not to panic. You will be surprised how much you can actually accomplish to minimize damage before your plumber comes to your rescue.

  • Turn off your water

  • Call your local plumber, describe the situation with as many details as possible and listen carefully to any special instructions

  • If it’s safe for you to clean up some of the excess water, you can do so, and it will help manage the damage

  • If you are sure that frozen pipes are the cause of the burst, turn up your heating system to accelerate the thawing process

  • During warmer seasons, open doors and windows for air circulation, which will speed up the drying process

  • If you have spare pipe sleeves, you can temporarily control the leak by fastening one to the affected area

  • Other solutions include applying repair clamps that have a rubber interior

Preventative Measures

Annual maintenance services will help you stay on track. Suppose you have a plumber who inspects your sewer and drain lines every year. In that case, they can inform you about necessary preventative measures and solutions that help extend your plumbing system's lifespan. Other than inspection, we recommend an annual drain cleaning appointment to minimize the danger of clogged drains. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth, we use high-end technology to unclog any blocked plumbing systems.

What Can I Do to Help?

Taking care of drains shouldn’t be a chore, but simply a part of what you do every day. Common sense and safe habits go a long way, just like trusting your gut.

Here are the DON'Ts to bear in mind:

  • Pour grease or hot oil down the sink

  • Flush debris and other foreign items down the toilet

  • Ignore signs like slow drainage and fluctuating water pressure

Adhering to the DOs helps extend your system’s lifespan:

  • Schedule your annual drain cleaning

  • Replace old pipes

  • Remove or relocate any trees responsible for root invasion

  • Install a backwater prevention valve

  • Use your sewage system responsibly

  • Insulate pipes with foam tubing to protect them from the cold

FAQ: Fort Worth Burst Pipes

Many homeowners are worried about their plumbing system during severe weather conditions or soil shifting. Our goal is to educate our customers about Fort Worth burst pipe signs and causes, so that they take the correct precautions and don’t compromise their safety.

Is a Burst Pipe an Emergency?

It is an emergency, however, it can go unnoticed for quite some time. Telltale signs may creep up slowly until you notice watermarks on your walls, rings on the ceiling or a change in water pressure. In more severe cases, you’ll experience immediate flooding in your home.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Burst Pipes in Fort Worth?

Many homeowners aren’t sure about home coverage policies and should definitely revisit their policy documents and re-evaluate them. The answer to this question highly depends on the damages the burst pipe causes and your individual coverage.

You might think you are protected from unexpected occurrences, but maintenance services are still the homeowner’s responsibility. For many insurance policies, if you were away during the incident and nobody was checking on your home, or your lines have been suffering from rust and you ignored it, your insurance may not cover the damages caused.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Burst Pipe in Fort Worth?

It's not easy to put a price on these incidents because they often come with underlying issues and you won't immediately know other damages that it might have already caused. If the lines are accessible and your overall system is in good condition, your plumber can do a spot repair. But often, a replacement may be necessary. And if linings are underground or inside a wall, it will require more work to access these affected areas.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Fort Worth Burst Pipe?

It will depend on the size and location of the break. But we can fix water mains within four to eight hours. In more severe cases, it could add up to 24 hours or longer, depending on the solutions required for effective repairs.

How Do I Effectively Thaw My Frozen Pipes?

We recommend you turn off your water supply first and drain the fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen when attempting to thaw. Next, ensure that all frozen lines are exposed to adequate heat from within your home—it may be necessary to turn up your furnace or open under-sink cabinets and cupboards to accomplish this. You may also want to call a plumber, as freezing could lead to ruptures and leaks in your system.

Are Cast Iron Pipes More Likely to Burst?

Unfortunately, yes. They will not last long if they're old and show signs of rust. Leaks and bursts are common among cast iron systems. Even if only one area is affected, chances are that this damage will also spread to different areas.

When Will I Need Replacement?

There are many reasons that encourage homeowners to get a replacement. Whether it’s cracks beyond repair or corrosion and dangerous materials. If lines are accessible, it shouldn’t be too difficult to have it done fast. If underground lines need replacement, we will use our non-invasive trenchless technology to get the job done.

​​Need an Efficient Emergency Plumber for Burst Pipes in Fort Worth TX?

Whether you have a burst pipe or need a cast iron pipe inspection, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth provides quality service with effective results, using high-end technology for your plumbing solutions. We are available 24/7 for any emergency needs—and we don’t charge overtime fees—so you can rest assured that you won't ever have to wait for reliable emergency service. We proudly serve Fort Worth and surrounding areas, including Arlington and Mansfield.

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