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Drain Cleaning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Did you know that clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems in Fort Worth? That's not because the area is particularly predisposed to drainage issues. It's because any building that uses indoor plumbing will eventually suffer from high levels of contamination inside its waste fixtures.

Everything you flush down your pipes has a lasting effect. Those effects will be significantly disruptive if the material that you're sending down isn't suitable for sewer systems, but even regular wastewater eventually leaves substantial residue over many years. That grime increases your chances of frustrating plumbing problems—especially in older buildings.

The skilled plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth can protect you from all the possible problems that come from dirty waste lines. Professional drain cleaning service doesn't just clear out tough blockage. It also protects you against sewer line damage, leaks, and other major issues that are caused by built up blockage in drain lines. If you're suffering from the inconveniences caused by common signs of dirty pipes, we can help!

How Do You Know If You Need Drain Cleaning Service in Fort Worth?

Many people suffer from problems caused by filthy pipes without realizing it. Loud noises while you're using sinks or showers, water that takes too long to go away, and unusual smells are all indications that you have grime that could be cleaned away.

You'll definitely benefit from routine maintenance services if you own an older property, but even newer buildings need regular cleaning service for protection from future problems. There are several signs that all types of plumbing systems send to tell you that you need cleaning service.

Warning Signs

  • Slow drains

  • Standing water backups

  • Gurgling toilets & other strange sounds

  • Toilet bubbles

  • Water pressure issues

  • Foul odors—rotting smells are common near clogged kitchen sinks

  • Sink flies

  • Wastewater backups

When Should You Get Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Fort Worth?

You might be able to clear away minor obstructions like toilet paper clogs, but that doesn't mean your pipes are now clean. Water flow issues are indications that your system is becoming more blocked by slimy buildup, and clogs that keep coming back are an even more serious sign. You should consider contacting local Fort Worth plumbers if you're dealing with frequent, inconvenient issues related to the signs of blocked drains.

In some cases, drainage issues are caused by mainline sewer damage. Small problems with your main sewage line are a big issue because that's the pipe responsible for removing all wastewater. Every other drain pipe in your system connects to that line, so even tiny issues will have large reverberating effects throughout all your fixtures. In serious cases, clogged sewer pipes—and other sewer disruptions—result in costly emergencies that need immediate plumbing repairs.

Signs of Sewer Damage

  • Frequent, reoccurring clogs & backups

  • Using one fixture causes issues with another

  • Multiple problems developing across different areas at the same time

  • Revolting sewage smells emanating from bathrooms, kitchens, & utility rooms

  • Sewage backups in toilets, tub drains, & other areas

  • Bright green grass patches

  • Isolated flooding or sinkholes in your yard

  • Insect & rodent infestations

  • Cracks in your foundation

What Does Professional Drain Service Include in Fort Worth?

Thorough cleaning services performed by experienced plumbers are comprehensive and restorative. There are two key objectives of routine maintenance. The first is completely clearing your pipes and eradicating anything built up on pipe walls so that your plumbing works like it's brand-new. The second goal is protecting you against future problems by removing and repairing any large obstructions or damage. Licensed plumbers use specialized equipment to accomplish those objectives successfully.

  1. Full Inspection: This is the key first step for most cleaning services. Plumbing professionals will spend time evaluating the state of your existing components and looking for hidden issues or potential problems before starting any work. This involves the use of plumbing video cameras and other advanced inspection methods.

  2. Specialized Tools: If you have stubborn clogs and other foreign objects that need to be cleared, plumbers will use tools like powered augers that have been specifically designed to deal with difficult plumbing problems without causing any further damage.

  3. HydroScrub® Jetting: Hydro jetting equipment blasts blockage off pipe walls and pushes it all out your system with pressurized water jets that leave nothing in their wake. With at least 1500 psi (pound-force per square inch) of pressure, they're strong enough to cut away tree roots!

What Causes Drainage Problems in Fort Worth?

There are two types of blockage that cause nasty drain clogging situations in Fort Worth: soft blockage and hard blockage. Hard blockage is larger debris such as toys, rocks, and roots that end up inside lines and bring flow to a standstill.

Soft blockage always grows over time. It's created by soap scum, minerals, and other scummy materials that stick inside waste outlets. Stopping soft blockage altogether is impossible but you can reduce its effects by keeping other harmful materials out of your system. Dumping hot oils down your kitchen sink or dirty mop water in your shower will create problems for you down the line. Common causes of clogged drains include:

  • Congealed fats, oils, & grease

  • Paper towel, tissues, & wet wipes—even “flushable” wipes

  • Food scraps

  • Hair

  • Dirt, gravel, & soil

  • Dental floss

  • Personal hygiene products

  • Tree roots

  • Shifting soil near buried pipes

Why Choose Mr. Rooter for Drain Cleaning Service in Fort Worth?

Our team of dedicated, friendly plumbers are your local drain cleaning experts. As a locally owned operation here in Dallas-Fort Worth, we've been helping people in our community solve plumbing problems for many years, and that experience has left us with a wide selection of services created specifically for Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

All our services and parts are guaranteed to be effective and reliable. Plus, our professional plumbers are all fully licensed, certified, and insured, so you don't have to worry about shoddy work or poor parts failing on you. We're also available 24/7, for convenient appointments and emergency services. We can help any time of the day or night—even during holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your plumbing or our services? Give us a call to chat with our friendly customer service representatives, or find the answers to frequently asked questions below.

How Often Should You Get Drain Cleaning Done in Fort Worth?

Routine drain maintenance should be completed at least once each year. You may need more regular cleaning appointments if your system is under constant pressure, but annual inspections and cleaning are the baseline for effective clog prevention and protection from other problems.

How Can You Avoid Drainage Issues in Fort Worth?

The best way to prevent problems is to never put anything harmful down your drain. More clogs are created by congealed bacon grease than shifting earth. You can also install strainers to catch hair, food waste, and other harmful materials before they get inside your lines. Of course, an annual cleaning appointment from your local plumbing company is also a perfect protection plan.

Can You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners in Fort Worth?

Most plumbers don't recommend that you use chemical products. Chemical cleaners cause damage to fixtures with repeated use, and they're also unsafe if mishandled. There are superior solutions.

Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service in Fort Worth?

If you're frustrated with constant backups, unpleasant smells, or other issues, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth can restore your peace of mind. Call us today at 817-769-6643.