Everything You Want to Know About Fort Worth Garbage Disposal Installation

A plumber using a wrench to complete garbage disposal installation underneath a sink in a residential kitchen.
Do you wish there was a convenient, easy way to get rid of food waste in your kitchen, without creating more stinky trash for your waste or compost bins? Fort Worth garbage disposal installation is a great solution to that problem.

With the right kind of fixture for your kitchen, you'll get a wide range of benefits that make daily life easier and simple—as long as you take the correct steps for garbage disposal installation. Improper installation or use could lead to more problems than benefits, which is one reason why it's usually best to get professional help for Fort Worth garbage disposal installation.

Licensed Fort Worth Plumbers will always provide the best services, solutions, and results for your plumbing installation project. Plus, your local experts have the best tips, advice, and information for specialized appliances and fixtures like a garbage disposal. Whether you need professional services from a local plumber or you just want to know more about garbage disposal installation, you can always rely on the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth.

Do You Need a Plumber for Garbage Disposal Installation in Fort Worth, TX?

Any kind of plumbing installation is always best left to a professional plumber, whether it's garbage disposal or some other fixture, appliance, or pipe. However, this type of work isn't like advanced plumbing work, where proper licensing and permits are often required—such as for repairing a slab leak or other major modifications.

If you have the skill, tools, and experience to complete this job correctly, it is possible to do it yourself. If you find yourself lacking in any of those areas, or you'd just rather spend that time doing something other than kneeling under a kitchen sink, then you'll be happier hiring expert plumbers for Fort Worth Garbage disposal installation.

Is Garbage Disposal Installation Difficult?

This isn’t as simple as clearing kitchen sink clogs, which can already be a difficult job depending on the cause. Correctly setting up plumbing fixtures and ensuring they're properly integrated with your system requires specific tools and knowledge about how plumbing systems work.

Most of the required tools are part of an experienced DIY kit, so if you're familiar and comfortable with home repair work, you may only need to purchase a few additional tools along with your new appliance, such as a plumber's putty. If you are going to attempt it on your own, ensure that you carefully read the instructions—and maybe one or two guides from other expert plumbers—otherwise, you'll definitely be wishing that you had called a professional for Fort Worth garbage disposal installation.

How Long Does it Take to Remove and Install a Garbage Disposal?

It could take a few hours to get this job done right, but the exact amount of time required for Fort Worth garbage disposal replacement always depends on the state of your current unit and the overall health of your kitchen’s plumbing.

When Fort Worth garbage disposal installation is part of the services needed for complete kitchen remodels, it's important to remember that the exact amount of time your plumbing experts are in your home might be longer than usual, especially if they're also handling similar jobs related to Fort Worth plumbing replacement and installation, such as faucet replacement or kitchen sink replacement.

Steps for DIY Fort Worth Garbage Disposal Installation:

Shut Off Your Electricity: It's important to shut off your power any time that you are installing an appliance that runs on electricity, especially when you're working near water. You must first unplug the power supply cord for your existing unit from its nearby outlet, and then turn off the power running to that kitchen outlet. That can be done by flipping the appropriate breaker switch in your home's breaker box.

Ensure that you're wearing proper face and hand protection before beginning. You should also take extra precautions against water damage by emptying out the cabinet beneath your kitchen sink and laying something down to catch any leaks or drips.

Removing the Old Unit:

  1. Unscrew the pipe that connects your unit to the rest of your plumbing system, also known as the discharge tube, and remove it from your unit.

  2. If your unit has a pipe connecting to your dishwasher—known as a dishwasher discharge tube—you must disconnect that too.

  3. Remove the unit by unscrewing the mounting ring located at the top while supporting the weight with your other hand.

  4. Unscrew the faceplate from the bottom of your unit.

  5. Disconnect the unit from your home's electrical systems by flipping the grounding wire out from underneath the screw that holds it in place and then unclipping the wires that connect to your unit.

  6. Remove the old mounting bracket by unscrewing it or sliding it off.

  7. Push up your sink flange from below and remove it by pulling it out from above.

  8. Scrape away any older putty near your sink's drain.

Installing a New Garbage Disposal Unit:

  1. Apply new putty to your replacement sink flange and insert it into your drain pipe. It's best to leave something heavy on top so that the drain flange is secured and remains in place while the putty dries.

  2. Slide your new rubber gasket onto the mounting bracket for your new unit, and screw the new bracket into place.

  3. Attach your new mounting ring to the gasket by either screwing it in or sliding it into place.

  4. Unscrew the faceplate and connect your new unit to your home's wiring by securing the grounding wire and then attaching the electrical wires to your new unit where they match the color-coded nuts.

  5. If your new unit will connect to your dishwasher, carefully remove the plug in your unit where the dishwasher discharge tube will connect. Otherwise, leave the plugin. You may need a hammer to knock the plug out.

  6. Lift your replacement unit into place and secure it by twisting it onto the mounting ring until it clicks into position.

  7. Connect your main discharge pipe—and the discharge tube for your dishwasher, if necessary.

  8. Test the results of your garbage disposal installation by removing the weight above your drain flange and running cold water in your sink. Look for any leaks coming from your unit while you confirm that it is securely installed.

  9. Plug in the power cord for your new unit, flip your breaker switch on, and enjoy the results of your new garbage disposal installation.

Pro Tip: If at any point during the process for your Fort Worth garbage disposal installation, you feel uncomfortable or unsure about the work that you or another individual is doing, stop and call a professional.

It's better to hire a professional and have the peace of mind that comes with expert garbage disposal installation than it is to settle for potentially faulty, amateur work—especially for projects that involve electrical wiring and other potential safety hazards.

What is the Average Cost of Fort Worth Garbage Disposal Installation?

The cost of Fort Worth garbage disposal installation can vary based on both the unit you purchase and the amount of time required. There's a wide range of costs, so it's best to contact a professional for an in-person estimate if you want a specific cost estimate for your project. Even just the cost of a new unit can be as low as fifty dollars or as high as two-hundred. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth, we always provide upfront, honest estimates for all plumbing services.

What Are The Benefits of Fort Worth Garbage Disposal Installation?

Are you wondering if the benefits of Fort Worth garbage disposal installation are worth the potential extra maintenance and repair requirements? For many people, the biggest benefit of getting a garbage disposal is convenience. Having that appliance makes it easier to get rid of food waste, which is an effect that also has many additional benefits.

Garbage Disposal Installation Benefits Include:

  • Easy food waste disposal

  • Less kitchen trash

  • Fewer kitchen smells

  • Reduced risk of pipe leaks

How Does Fort Worth Garbage Disposal Installation Reduce Your Risk of Pipe Leaks?

One common cause of leaks, bursts, and other kinds of pipe damage is debris and waste that enters your drain lines—especially harmful debris like food scraps. While there are many items and materials that you should never flush—even if you have a garbage disposal—having that appliance will help break apart large chunks of waste and debris that could cause clogs and other kinds of damage. If your kitchen sink gets clogged constantly, garbage disposal installation could also help save you money by reducing your need for professional service for Fort Worth clogged drains.

What Type of Garbage Disposal is Best for Home Installation?

Other than the differences between major brands, there are two different ways to divide your options when it comes to Fort Worth garbage disposal installation: model type and motor size. Generally speaking, the more additional features you get or the more powerful a particular model is, the more expensive it will be.

Continuous Feed Models:

As its name suggests, this type of model runs continuously from the point that you turn it on until you turn it off, which means they let you add food waste continuously while they run. Continuous feed models are more common, generally less expensive, and can come with a variety of optional features, such as auto-reverse, advanced grinding functions, and other features meant to help prevent jams.

Batch Feed Models:

For those households in Fort Worth that require a safer option for garbage disposal installation, batch feed models are best. This type of model will only run when a stopper is placed over their opening, which means that they're less likely to cause injury when curious people put their hands inside. That stopper also helps prevent items from being dropped inside your sink drain.

Because of the way they run, food must be inserted into these units before you turn them on, which makes them slightly more difficult to operate and less convenient. They're also generally pricier than their continuous feed counterparts.

Motor Size:

When it comes to your options for Fort Worth garbage disposal installation, it's important to consider your needs and purchase a unit with enough horsepower (HP) to meet them. Motors typically range from 1/3 HP to 1 HP. Those on the lower end of the power scale are best for homes where they won't be used often or for small households.

For average households in Fort Worth, most manufacturers recommend at least 1/2 HP motors because they're still small enough to fit underneath most sinks but powerful enough to stand up against repeated use without clogging or breaking frequently.

If you know that your needs will be high or there are many people living in your home, you may want to consider a 1 HP model, as long as you have the space—underneath your sink and in your budget. 1 HP models are larger and more expensive, but they also hold more waste and rarely jam.

What is the Best Brand for Garbage Disposal Installation?

Not all major brands offer the same features and model types, so it's important to focus on finding something that meets your needs. However, there are some popular brands many people choose for garbage disposal installation in Fort Worth, including InSinkErator, Waste King, and Moen.

Your particular plumbing experts may or may not offer specific brands, but you can trust that they'll always recommend the best choice for your home. It is possible to purchase your model first and simply hire a professional for installation, but it's often better to wait for professional advice before you buy, or you might end up purchasing something that isn't suitable for your home's plumbing system.

Do You Need Fort Worth Garbage Disposal Installation Service?

The courteous, skilled plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Worth are here to help! Whether you need a new installation for an older home or kitchen remodel, or you just want a replacement for an older model, we will get the job done right.

Call us to schedule an appointment with our team or learn more about how we can help with Fort Worth garbage disposal installation. We proudly serve many nearby communities, including Mansfield and Haltom City.