Dealing with Frozen Pipe Problems in Indianapolis, IN

White houses in snowy winter

Plumbers are already in high demand this January responding to the problems rising in homes as temperatures drop around the country. One of the biggest reasons plumbers get called is frozen pipes. However, this is a problem where just a little prevention can make a big difference.

Around the country, plumbers are on call 24 hours a day. When the temperature dips into the single digits for more than a day, plumbing problems start begin to arise. Currently, very few regions of the US are unaffected by the harsh winter weather with deep freezes reaching all the way into the South.

The average homeowner can avoid the majority of these problems by taking a few simple steps for prevention. The suggestions below can help ensure that you can keep not only your loved ones warm but your running water running too!

Previous plumbing problems? If you have had previous plumbing problems that were not permanently repaired, it is highly likely for those problems to reappear. An NBC news piece earlier this month highlighted an important tip for homeowners with previous frozen pipe issues. “When it gets down to the single digits, that’s the time to open up those access panels so that warm air can get in and help keep the water flowing.”

Don’t rely on hair dryers. While they may work sometimes, the problem is that they can’t always heat up your pipes quickly enough. A better alternative would be a heat gun which can put out a lot of heat. Be cautious when using any kind of heat source in your home as there is always the risk of a fire.

Consider plastic tubing come spring. You may not realize that copper tubes split more easily than plastic ones. This is because once copper freezes, it will stretch and split which will increase the risk of your pipes bursting behind the walls in your home. Consider replacing your freeze-prone pipes in the spring as the temperatures thaw and put to rest some of the major worries you’ve had in the past.

Know when to call a plumber. Many times people wait too long to get in touch with their plumber. At this time of the year plumbers are so busy, one of the best ways to get in touch with your local expert is to keep them at your fingertips with the help of your mobile phone. Download Mr. Rooter 911, a FREE app that lets you press one button to get in touch with an expert. Click here to download.

Stay ahead of the frigid weather and their accompanying problems by taking action today. Have questions? Reaching us is simple. Click here to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

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