Sump and Sewage Pump Repair & Installation Indianapolis

Sump pumps are extremely necessary in areas that are more likely to experience flooding than another. This is certainly the case in Indianapolis, and Mr. Rooter is the name to remember when you need a sump pump installed, repaired or maintained. Similar to a sump pump, sewage pumps are necessary to have in any home or business building that has a bathroom. While sump and sewage pumps work in similar ways, a sump pump is designed to move water out of unwanted areas and a sewage pump is intended to move both water and other waste from the home and into the septic tank or sewage system. Just like all other topics plumbing related, Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis is the right plumber for the job!

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Sump Pumps:

There are a couple of different things to consider when you are having your sump pump installed or replaced. There are two different models to choose from and these are known as a pedestal style or submersible sump pump. When to trust in Mr. Rooter for this decision, you can be confident that we will help you determine which will be best for your family. Submersible sump pumps are far more common these days, mainly because they are smaller and easier to install and they also require far less maintenance than a pedestal-style pump. If your area is likely to have power outages, you may want to choose one that has a battery backup, so that your sump pump will still operate efficiently during storms. One of the other things to consider is what size sump pump you need as well as how much horsepower will be efficient for your needs. Other considerations are where to install the sump pump and where it is sending the water to. Your sump pump should be installed where it will catch the water as soon as it enters your home so that it can work quickly. Many sump pumps send the water directly to a dry well, but we have found in many older homes that the pump is placing the water somewhere where it is unsafe or could cause damage to your home in the future. Mr. Rooter will help you make all these decisions so that it will work best in an emergency situation. Having a sump pump that works effectively and quickly is imperative to saving your home and belongings from costly water damage that could render everything you own unusable and irreparable. Once your sump pump is properly installed, Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis recommends routine inspections of the unit to make sure it is ready for any and all flooding emergencies that may happen in your home. When we inspect your sump pump, we will also make sure it is an accurate model that will protect your home and family the way it is designed to.

Sewage Pumps:

Sewage pumps are necessary to rid your home or business of sewage waste each and every time you flush a toilet. Unlike sump pumps, they deal with more solid waste and liquid alike. Sewage pumps are complex systems that utilize the force of gravity to send liquid and solid waste into the septic tank or sewage system. Unlike sump pumps, sewage pumps do not tend to need a lot of preventative maintenance and tend to do their job without problems. However, they can become clogged or blocked by something that should not have been flushed. If this happens, there is a high chance of flooding into your home if you continue to attempt to flush any toilets. Another difference between sump and sewage pumps is that sewage pumps work on electricity alone, by being plugged into an electrical socket. If your power goes out, your sewage pump will not be able to function normally. Even though it is infrequent, if you suspect a problem with your sewage pump, don’t hesitate to call the experienced technicians at Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis who can get the problem diagnosed and repaired quickly, so that your sewage pump can properly flow once again.

Whether you are in the market for a new sump or sewage pump to be installed, are in need of repairs to your existing one, or are being a proactive homeowner and having yours inspected, Mr. Rooter is the right plumber for the job. We are the Indianapolis experts for all your plumbing needs and sump and sewer pumps are no exception to that rule. Along with quality work, we always offer excellent customer service so you are proud you called us. For everything to do with your sump and sewage pumps, call Mr. Rooter!

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