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The drain cleaning services that you need in the Indianapolis area are available from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Indianapolis and Central Indiana. When you call on us, we'll be committed to your satisfaction from start to finish. Our goal is to help improve your property as quickly as possible. We'll do a complete inspection of your drains before and after we clean them to ensure that everything is taken care of properly.

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Signs of Clogged Drain

Drain Problems

Problems with your drains can cause significant problems for the home and business owners of Indianapolis. If the problem is severe enough, it can cause a business to close and a home’s plumbing system to be unusable until a plumber can come out and assess and then repair the problem. Even a minor clog can cause a major problem since it can negatively impact the other drains and fixtures in your home. A clogged drain can even cause backing up of sewage and odorous waste water into your home’s fixtures, which can add to the expense and stress of a plumbing problem. Fortunately, when you call the experienced plumbers of Mr. Rooter when you first notice a clogged drain, we will respond quickly and do our best to get the problem fixed before it causes more damage to your home and drains.

At Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis, we have experience with all different drains and are familiar with how to clean and maintain them all. It is vitally important to have your drains cleaned and serviced by a professional plumber who knows the work so that further damage is not done. Mr. Rooter technicians are the drain cleaning experts for the entire Indianapolis area and we are ready to advise you on how to best care for your drains as well.

The first thing you should understand is what should and shouldn’t be put into your drains, to avoid clogs in the first place. In your kitchen, your drains can easily become clogged with oil, grease, soap, and bits of food. While it is perfectly acceptable to wash soap and bits of food down the sink, especially if you have a garbage disposal, there are many foods that pose potential problems. Stringy vegetables such as artichoke leaves and onion peels can easily become clogged in the disposal or the drain itself, so dispose of them in the garbage. Any kind of bones or other hard objects can also dull your disposal and get stuck in the drain. These items combined with oil and grease that can harden are usually the culprit when it comes to a serious kitchen drain clog.

In your bathroom, the most common substances that cause clogs are hair, soap, and toothpaste. Obviously, it is difficult to avoid these things from going down your drain, as that is what they are made for so the best thing to do is make sure to run water while washing any soap or toothpaste down the drain. Showers or bathtubs are the drains that most commonly get clogged and because of this, many of them are made with a drain cover that you can easily remove and rid of hair, soap, and dirt buildup.

Floor drains are the third type of drain that is found in most Indianapolis homes and these have a very important job to do so it is imperative that they remain free of clogs. Floor drains are usually found in bathrooms, garages, basements, and laundry rooms. In the event of heavy rain or flood from a broken pipe or overflowing bathtub, these floor drains act quickly to save your home from water damage. If outside, floor drains commonly get clogged with dirt, leaves, and debris and if inside, they become clogged by dirt, hair, and soap.

Many Indianapolis home owner has been tempted to clean and unclog a drain themselves, with the aid of products purchased from the hardware store. At Mr. Rooter, we discourage this because we have seen how drains can be further damaged by these products and tools. The chemicals are also hazardous, despite being sold over the counter, and may cause injury to any member of your family. When it comes to unclogging a drain, it is best to leave it to the professionals for a safe and sound job well done.

In addition to performing drain cleanings for the home and business owners of Indianapolis because of clogs, Mr. Rooter also believes in the importance of routine preventative maintenance drain cleanings to make sure your drains don’t clog in the first place! How often this should be done depends on how large your family is and the friendly professionals at Mr. Rooter are happy to advise you if it is time for a drain cleaning for your home. Whether you are ready for a maintenance drain cleaning, have a drain that is beginning to drain slower than you would like or have a clogged drain emergency of any kind, call the expert drain cleaners at Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis today!

This diagram shows many of the common types of vents and drains in most homes. The green pipes represent outgoing waste water, the yellow pipes represent ventilation tubes, the red pipes indicate hot water, and the blue lines show cold water.

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