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Residential Sewer System Backups in the Greater Indianapolis Area

Solving Household Plumbing & Sewer Emergencies

Your home’s plumbing pipes can be vulnerable to damage from tree roots and debris. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Indianapolis and Central Indiana offers residential sewer system backup services to households in the Greater Indianapolis metro area. Our highly trained and experienced team performs exceptional sewer line repairs, and we are ready to re-pipe and repair plumbing at all types of homes. You can relax because our service technicians will perform every step of our process like it’s an art and will fix your sewer system backup as quickly as possible. You can end up with a sewer system backup at any time, so if you do, you should reach out to us to schedule a plumbing service right away.

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Residential Sewer System Backup Warning Signs

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Indianapolis and Central Indiana’s talented technicians understand how households don’t always know when they have sewer system backups until the minor issues of this situation grow into obvious issues with expensive repair costs. To ensure you spot these problems early, we have put together a list of common warning signs you have sewer system problems, so you’ll know when you need immediate professional help from our service professionals:

  • Pools of water forming around your basement floor drain
  • Experiencing multiple drain backups
  • Water backing up from toilets, showers, or sink drains
  • Strong odors from your home’s drains or outside areas
  • Gurgling sounds emanating from drains or toilets

Solutions for Sewer Line Tree Root Intrusion

If you have leaks or condensation forming on your home’s sewer pipes, tree roots searching for nourishment can grow toward them and invade them, leading to clogs and backups. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Indianapolis and Central Indiana can resolve sewer line problems caused by invasive tree roots. Roots can grow through tiny pipe section cracks, holes, and separations and spread through your sewage system. After tree roots locate water, they will increase their growth. As additional roots get into your pipes, the holes and cracks grow larger as the roots clog your system. Eventually, the infiltrating tree roots could burst your pipe. You might notice some common indications that your sewer system has this problem, including backups in your toilets or bathtubs, bad drainage in your bathtubs, gurgling noises from toilets, or a lack of water filling your toilet bowl. Our impressive service technicians perform the following services to resolve your sewer line issues:

  • Hydro Jetting – We clean your pipes using pressurized water jets for this long-term solution. Our professional team removes tree roots, debris, and built-up grease by thoroughly scouring your home’s sewer line.
  • Maintenance – Preventative maintenance can save you money and hassle in the future. Our technicians can inspect your drains and clean them to help you prevent grease and other debris buildups. Sewer line maintenance can also protect your pipes against tree roots wreaking havoc on them.
  • Cabling & Drain Cleaning – We start this service by cabling through blockages to clear your sewer line and restore its functionality. After clearing your sewer line, our technician determines why you might be experiencing problems and advises you on more permanent solutions.

Call Mr. Rooter for Reliable Backup Prevention Systems

Ignoring your drain problems and putting off repairs can be easy, but Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Indianapolis and Central Indiana strongly recommends contacting us immediately to resolve your issue before it worsens and spreads. Our technicians begin repairs using augers or drain cables to open drains. However, when needed we also use more advanced methods to handle your sewer line issue. Tree roots can destroy sewer pipes and drainpipes, but we offer sewer backup cleaning services to clear your sewer pipes and resolve the problem. Our service technicians also quickly and conclusively clear blockages due to built-up materials like discarded food or garbage disposal waste, soap residue, thick toilet paper, sanitary products, and hair. Residential sewer system backups endanger your plumbing system, property, and family’s health. We fix sewer system backups from rain, tree roots, and many other causes. You can also save thousands of dollars by signing up for our Advantage Plan®. Find out more about this plan and our professional plumbing solutions by contacting us to schedule a service.

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